First Omni Beast Lord, Ziun
いっかくじゅうおう ジウン
English First Omni Beast Lord, Ziun
Kanji 一角獣王 ジウン
Kana いっかくじゅうおう ジウン
Romaji Ikkaku Jūō Jiun
Translated First Angle Beast King, Ziun
Type Monster
Size 3
Power 8000
Critical 3
Defense 1000
World Katana World
Attribute Skull Warrior
Design / Illust ムラナコ / 前河悠一
Flavor Text
(RRR): When the Omni Lords gather, they would be able to seal that evil deity underground once more.
(SP): If I can be stopped, let's see you try!
Ability / Effect
[Omni Lord]
[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]
[Counter]Act】 You may pay 1 gauge. If you do, for this turn, this card's attack cannot be nullified if it is attacking alone.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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