Soaring Flame, Lindwurm
天翔ける炎 リンドブルム
English Soaring Flame, Lindwurm
Kanji 天翔ける炎 リンドブルム
Kana てんまけるほのお リンドブルム
Romaji Tenmakeru Honō Rindoburumu
Type Monster
Size 1
Power 3000
Critical 1
Defense 1000
World Legend World
Attribute Wydar Sarkal / Hundred Demons
Illust 三好載克
Flavor Text
Dragons are said to be incarnations of meteors.
Ability / Effect
When this card enters the field, you may discard a 《Hundred Demons》 from your hand. If you do, draw a card, and you gain 1 life.
If this card is in the soul of a monster, that monster gets [Move].
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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