"Sacrifice", Iron Moon Slash
“サクリファイズ” 鐡砕月
H-EB02-0039EN (Sample)
English "Sacrifice", Iron Moon Slash
Kanji “サクリファイズ” 鐡砕月
Kana “サクリファイズ” くろがねさいげつ
Romaji "Sakurifaizu" Kurogane Saigetsu
Type Monster
Size 1
Power 6000
Critical 2
Defense 3000
World Hero World
Attribute Darkhero
Illust 前河悠一
Flavor Text
The weak, are the food for the strong to thrive.
Ability / Effect
Act】 You may discard a 《Darkhero》 from your hand. If you do, deal 1 damage to your opponent! You may only use this ability once per turn.
At the end of the battle of this card, destroy this card.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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