Blowout Emperor, Las Volganon
爆滅王 ラースヴォルガノン
English Blowout Emperor, Las Volganon
Kanji 爆滅王 ラースヴォルガノン
Kana ばくめつおう ラースヴォルガノン
Type Monster
Size 1
Power 5000
Critical 2
Defense 1000
World Ancient World
Attribute Dragon Lord / Hundred Demons
Illust かにぱん
Flavor Text
My rage...... cannot be stopped by the likes of you!
Ability / Effect
When your opponent is damaged by the effect of "Thunder Mine", destroy a size 1 or less monster of the opponent's field!
[Lifelink 1]
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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