Buddyfight Triple T "Gara"
バディファイト・バレンタイン!2017 “ガラ”
English Buddyfight Triple T "Gara"
Kana バディファイト・バレンタイン!2017 “ガラ”
Romaji Badifaito Barentain! Ni-sen-jū-nana “Gara”
Type Spell
World Legend World / Star Dragon World
Attribute Star / Summon
Illust XEBEC
Flavor Text
Heeehahahaha!! You have good eyes, I'll give you that!
Ability / Effect
You may have up to a total of four "Buddyfight Triple T "Gara"" and "Uninvited Deity, -Inspector-" combined in your deck.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 2 life]
Call up to one monster with "Zodiac" in its card name from your deck by paying its [Call Cost], and shuffle your deck.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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