Searing Surging Chief, Duel Jaeger "Dynamite"
灼熱怒涛番長 デュエルイェーガー”ダイナマイト”
X-BT01-0004EN (Sample)
English Searing Surging Chief, Duel Jaeger "Dynamite"
Kanji 灼熱怒涛番長 デュエルイェーガー”ダイナマイト”
Kana しゃくねつどとうばんちょう デュエルイェーガー”ダイナマイト”
Romaji Shakunetsu Dotou Banchou Dyueruyēgā "Dainamaito"
Type Monster
Size 3
Power 12000
Critical 2
Defense 4000
World Ancient World
Attribute Dragon Chief Emperor
Illust タカヤマトシアキ
Flavor Text
(RRR): A man's temper can turn even the deep blue sea red.
(SP): Bwahahaha! That was Jaeger's explosive four-punch combo!
Ability / Effect
You may only call this card if you have fifteen or more 《Dragon Chief Emperor》 in your drop zone.
[Call Cost] [Put this card on top of a card with "Duel Jaeger" in its card name on your field & Pay 3 gauge]
[Counter]Act】 Call this card from your hand by paying its [Call Cost].
[Quadruple Attack] [Soulguard] [Lifelink 3]
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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