Crystallization Phenomenon
English Crystallization Phenomenon
Kanji 結晶化現象
Kana けっしょうかげんしょう
Romaji Kesshōka Genshō
Type Spell
World Star Dragon World
Attribute Defense
Illust 三好載克
Flavor Text
(X-BT02): The last brilliance of a Crystal Dragon transfigures everything in the surrounding into sentient crystals.
(S-BT04): My, look at how pretty you've become!
Ability / Effect
You may only cast this card if the monster on your center was destroyed during this turn.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 1 life]
[Counter] Draw a card. Then, choose a monster on your opponent's field, and for this turn, nullify all abilities of the chosen card, and [Rest] it. You may only cast "Crystallization Phenomenon" once per turn.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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