Black Crest, Gale Emblem
黒の印 ゲールエンブレム
English Black Crest, Gale Emblem
Kanji 黒の印 ゲールエンブレム
Kana くろのしるし ゲールエンブレム
Romaji Kuro no Shirushi Gēru Enburemu
Type Item
Power 4000
Critical 0
World Darkness Dragon World
Attribute Black Dragon / Weapon
Flavor Text
This emblem is proof of strength. This is power.
Ability / Effect
[Equip Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
This card can attack even if you have monsters on your center.
All 《Black Dragon[Set] on your field cannot be destroyed, nor returned to hand, by your opponent's card effects. Then, souls in those cards cannot be put into the drop zone by your opponent's card effects.
When a 《Black Dragon》 monster on your field is destroyed, you gain 1 life!
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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