All-Purpose Mech, CHAOS Tetra
汎用機 C・テトラ
English All-Purpose Mech, CHAOS Tetra
Kanji 汎用機 C・テトラ
Kana ばんようき カオス・テトラ
Romaji Ban'yōki Kaosu Tetora
Type Monster
Size 3
Power 5000
Critical 2
Defense 5000
World Dragon World
Attribute Autodeity Army / Dragon / Chaos
Illust RYU☆TA
Flavor Text
Defense recommended. Defense recommended. Defense—
Ability / Effect
When your opponent's cards attack, change the target of the attacks to this monster.
If you have another 《Autodeity Army》 on your field, this card gets power+4000 and defense+4000!
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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