Autodeity's Masterpiece, CHAOS Batzz
機神の傑作 C・バッツ
English Autodeity's Masterpiece, CHAOS Batzz
Kanji 機神の傑作 C・バッツ
Kana きしんのけっさく カオス・バッツ
Romaji Kishin no Kessaku Kaosu Battsu
Type Monster
Size 3
Power 7000
Critical 2
Defense 7000
World Dragon World
Attribute Autodeity Army / Dragon / Chaos
Design / Illust 安達洋介 / HMK84
Flavor Text
The forged Thunder Emperor moves, and thus began Autodeity Army's invasion.
Ability / Effect
[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]
When this card attacks, if you have another 《Autodeity Army》 on your field, for this turn, this card gets [Triple Attack]! This ability only activates once per turn.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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