Feather Blade, "MAT-I"
English Feather Blade, "MAT-I"
Kanji フェザーブレード“MAT-Ⅰ”
Kana フェザーブレード“エムエーティ-ワン”
Romaji Fezāburēdo "Emuēti-Wan"
Type Item
Power 3000
Critical 1
World Hero World
Attribute Weaponry
Illust 天乃海斗
Flavor Text
It is now a standard issue due to how easy it is to retrieve.
Ability / Effect
If this card is in the soul of a 《Mobile Aerial Team》, that card gets power+3000, critical+1, and [Penetrate]!
[Counter]Act】 During your turn, you may put this hand card into the soul of a 《Mobile Aerial Team》 with [Weaponry Link] on your field. If you do, draw a card.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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