Tempest, Garo-oh
疾風 餓狼王
English Tempest, Garo-oh
Kanji 疾風 餓狼王
Kana しっぷう がろおう
Romaji Shippū Garo-ō
Type Monster
Size 2
Power 3000
Critical 2
Defense 5000
World Katana World
Attribute Skull Warrior / Wind
Illust しろー大野
Flavor Text
(RR): I can feel the life burning within me!
(SP): Wanting to win even if that means sacrificing everything. That hunger is the symbol of life.
Ability / Effect
Act】 "Garo Slash" You may pay 1 gauge. If you do, for this turn, this card gets Double Attack and power+3000. At end of turn, destroy this card.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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