Blue Rose Blooming at the Peak, "Roselia"
English Blue Rose Blooming at the Peak, "Roselia"
Kanji 頂点に咲き誇る蒼き薔薇「Roselia」
Kana ちょうてんにさきほこるあおいばら「ロゼリア」
Romaji Chōten ni Sakihokoru Aoki Bara "Rozeria"
Size 5
Type Special Character
Power 25000
Critical 2
Defense 25000
Series BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO
Attribute Roselia / Band
Flavor Text
No flavor text.
Ability / Effect
[Call Cost] [Put five 《Roseliacharacters with different character names from your field into its soul & Pay 2 gauge]
At the end of the battle that this card attacked, choose and use one of the following three.
• Draw a card!
• Deal 1 damage to your opponent!
Destroy a card on your opponent's field!
[Penetrate] [Soulguard] [Counterattack]
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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