Twinseer Dragon, Vee Starunner
双占竜 ヴィ・スタラナー
English: Twinseer Dragon, Vee Starunner
Kanji: 双占竜 ヴィ・スタラナー
Kana: そうせんりゅう ヴィ・スタラナー
Phonetic: Sōsenryū Vi Sutaranā
Type: Monster
Size: 1
Power: 5000
Critical: 1
Defense: 1000
World: Star Dragon World
Attribute: Astrodragon
Illust: ともひと
Flavor Text
You're not gonna be popular if you keep sweatin' the small stuff, big brother.
Ability / Effect
At the start of your final phase, choose a "Twinseer Dragon, Lya Stroner" in your drop zone, and you may put this card from the field into the drop zone. If you do, call the chosen card to your left.
When this card on the right attacks, if an 《Astrodragon》 is on your center, for this turn, this card gets [Triple Attack].
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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