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Gindaco x Buddyfight "An Ace Takoba 2019"
銀だこ x バディファイト "神ってるタコバ 2019"
English: Gindaco x Buddyfight "An Ace Takoba 2019"
Kanji: 銀だこ x バディファイト "神ってるタコバ 2019"
Kana: ぎんだこ x バディファイト "かみってるタコバ 2019"
Phonetic: Gindako x Badiifaito "Kamitteru Tacoba 2019"
Type: Impact
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Takoyaki / Deity Dragon Tribe
Illust: なかざき冬
Flavor Text
This needs to be translated.
Ability / Effect
You may only cast this card when your opponent casts an impact, and a 《Dragod》 is on your field.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]
Nullify the impact cast by your opponent, and deal 3 damage to your opponent!!
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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