Demonic Index, Unideon
魔の図鑑 ユニデオン
English Demonic Index, Unideon
Kanji 魔の図鑑 ユニデオン
Kana まのずかん ユニデオン
Type Item
Power 1000
Critical 1
World Legend World
Attribute Wydar Sarkal / Weapon
Illust のくらん
Flavor Text
With this, the free researching homework for summer is done.
Ability / Effect
If a 《Wydar Sarkalmonster is on your field, all 《Wydar Sarkal》 on your field cannot be destroyed or returned to hand and their abilities cannot be nullified by your opponent's card effects.
At the start of each player's attack phase, if three or more 《Wydar Sarkal》 are on your field, draw two cards, and for this turn, all 《Wydar Sarkal》 on your field get power+10000, defense+10000 and [Double Attack].
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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