Left Arm of the Sea, Ocean Leftes
大海の左腕 オーシャン・レフティス
English Left Arm of the Sea, Ocean Leftes
Kanji 大海の左腕 オーシャン・レフティス
Kana たいかいのひだりうで オーシャン・レフティス
Type Monster
Size 0
Power 15000
Critical 3
Defense 5000
World Ancient World
Attribute Genesis Dragon
Illust 前河悠一
Flavor Text
With the blessing of the sea, the left arm of genesis mows down everything.
Ability / Effect
You may only call this card on the left, and if "Great Dragon of Genesis, Bigbang Dragon" is on your field.
[Call Cost] [When a 《Genesis Dragonmonster on your field is put to drop zone, put three cards from your drop zone into its soul]
Abilities of all 《Genesis Dragon》 monsters on your field cannot be nullified by your opponent's card effects, and you cannot take damage by card effects.
[Triple Attack] [Soulguard]
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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