Ninja Arts, Steel Ball
忍法 玉鋼
English Ninja Arts, Steel Ball
Kanji 忍法 玉鋼
Kana にんぽう たまはがね
Romaji Ninpō Tamahagane
Type Spell
World Katana World
Attribute Ninja Arts
Illust 藤沢孝
Flavor Text
(BT02): The aura shall cause the body to be as hard as steel.
(TD05): Steel ball. A unique material, made from iron sand to forge Katanas. Also, the name of a technique to increase the strength of a body.
Ability / Effect
[Counter] Choose a 《Ninja》 in battle, and for this battle, give it power+3000, defense+3000, and [Counterattack]! ([Counterattack]: If this card is still on the field after an attack, choose a monster that attacked with defense less than or equal to this card's power, and destroy it.)
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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