Mission Card "Party Formed!"
ミッションカード “パーティ結成!”
English Mission Card "Party Formed!"
Kanji ミッションカード “パーティ結成!”
Kana ミッションカード “パーティけっせい!”
Romaji Misshon Kādo "Pāti Kessei"
Type Spell
World Dungeon World
Attribute Draw
Illust かんくろう
Flavor Text
(TD): When asked, why do we go on an adventure, someone once answered, "Because the adventure is there". It's not philosophy. It just means, "I really want to go there".
(X-UB01): Now it's time for our adventure!
Ability / Effect
When another card with “Mission” in its card name is [Set] on your field, you gain 1 life, choose an 《Adventurer》 from your deck and put into your hand, shuffle your deck, and put this card into the drop zone.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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