English Chessenergy
Kana チェスエナジー
Romaji Chesuenajī
Type Spell
World Generic
Attribute Chess
Design / Illust 永田杏子 / 伊藤裕香
Flavor Text
Training will not betray you, and the skills you learn will save you. "Preparation" is important in a fight.
Ability / Effect
[Cast Cost] Pay 2 gauge.
[Counter] For this turn, give a monster on your field power+1000, defense+1000, and [Counterattack]. Then, if that card is a 《Chess》, give it power+3000, defense+3000! ([Counterattack]: If this monster is not destroyed after an attack, choose a monster that attacked with defense less than or equal to this monster's power, and destroy it.)
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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