Natsuiro Fighting!!
Natsuiro Fighting!!
Tipo Ending
Creador por Sora Tokui
Primer Episodio Episodio 25
Último Episodio Episodio 46

Natsuiro Fighting!! (夏色ファイティング!! Natsuiro Faitingu!!?) es el segundo ending de la adaptación al anime de Future Card Buddyfight, se emitió desde el episodio 25 hasta el episodio 46.

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Buddy dee dee fighting,You can go further even further than before!

Dazzling sunshine in those eyes.

A hot hot summer time-Buddyfight!

All of your hopes and dreams,shoot it up high into the blue sky.

Dashing around in a trill.

Feeling all tropical and high.

Passion and thoughts in you,shout it freely without a care.

You can go crazy and wild!

Come on are you getting ready now?

Even your holiday,Early start will make your day,What about this?,What about that?

Go,challenge them,lets just go!

Buddy dee dee fighting,You can go further,even further than before.

Never ever giving up now,Show us this kind of power.

When your heart is pounding fast it's because of a dream.

Dreams that's bigger than yourself.

Dazzling sunshine in those eyes,A hot hot summer time.

Let it miracle delight!,Buddy Fight!

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