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"BP Agent" Nova Dragoner, Safety Beacon
English "BP Agent" Nova Dragoner, Safety Beacon
Type Monster
Size 1
Power 3000
Critical 2
Defense 3000
World Star Dragon World / Hero World
Attribute Neodragon / Superhero
Flavor Text
This needs to be translated.
Ability / Effect
At the start of each player's attack phase, you may put a hand card into the soul of a 《Neodragon》 or 《Superheromonster on your field. If you do, you gain 1 life, and draw a card.
If you have a 《Staritem equipped, this card gets power+5000, and defense+5000!
At the end of the battle that this card attacked, if you have a 《Superhero》 item equipped, for this turn, this card gets [Double Attack].
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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