Original Revival Buddy
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"Demonic Descent Sword of the King" Laevateinn "Re:B"
こうおうけん” レヴァンティン Re:Bリバイバルバディ
S-SP03-0010 (Sample)
English "Demonic Descent Sword of the King" Laevateinn "Re:B"
Kanji “降魔王剣” レヴァンティン “Re:B”
Kana “こうまおうけん” レヴァンティン “リバイバルバディ”
Romaji “Kōma Ōken” Revantin "Ribaibaru Badi"
Type Item
Power 10000
Critical 2
World Legend World
Attribute Hero / Weapon / Chaos
Illust 天乃海斗
Flavor Text
This needs to be translated.
Ability / Effect
This card can be your buddy, and if this card is in your buddy zone, you cannot put monsters on the field, and you may equip any number of items.
[Equip Cost] [Drop a hand card when no monsters are on your field]
[Overkill] [During your turn, pay 1 gauge, drop a hand card, and put the top seven cards of your deck into the drop zone] Equip any number of 《Hero》 items from your drop zone without paying their [Equip Cost]!!
[Penetrate] [Double Attack]
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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