"Rallying Misfire", Himari Uehara
English "Rallying Misfire", Himari Uehara
Kanji “不発の大号令”上原ひまり
Kana “ふはつのだいごうれい”うえはらひまり
Romaji “Fuhatsu no Dai Gōrei” Uehara Himari
Size 1
Type Character
Power 4000
Critical 2
Defense 4000
Series BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO
Character Himari Uehara
Attribute Afterglow / Band
Flavor Text
(U): W-we gotta call an ambulance!
(SR): Stuff her ears with onions!
Ability / Effect
When this card enters the field or attacks, return up to one character from your opponent's field to hand.
If another 《Afterglow》 is on your field, all cards on your opponent's field get power-5000 and defense-5000!
When a card on your opponent's field is destroyed or returned to hand by your card effects, if another 《Afterglow》 is on your field, your opponent chooses and drops a hand card. This ability only activates once per turn.
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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