Friendship Battle! Yuga versus Ranma! is the 2nd episode of Future Card Buddyfight Ace and the 227th episode of the series.


Yuga and Ranma decide to have a Buddyfight to attract more viewers! Ranma's experience seems to top Yuga's natural talent, though Garga notices Yuga's will wavering.


Sub Episode 02 Future Card Buddyfight Ace Animation-0

Sub Episode 02 Future Card Buddyfight Ace Animation-0

Japanese Dub

List of Season 5 Episodes (Ace)
#1 Deity of Combat! Gargantua Dragon!! ● #2 Friendship Battle! Yuga versus Ranma! ● #3 Clash of the Aces! Ace of Games versus Ace of Study! ● #4 The Transfer Student is the Ace of Sports! ● #5 It's Finally Begun! The ABC Cup! ● #6 Ranma's Wild Charge! I'm The One Who'll Win! ● #7 Mel's Adventures in Fairyland! Reverse Subaru's Curse! ● #8 A Deity Descents! Electrodeity of Light, Amaterasu! ● #9 Defend the Peace! Galaxy Exalt Cosmoman! ● #10 Win the Rematch! Yuga versus Subaru! ● #11 ABC Cup Finals! Yuga versus Masato!! ● #12 Who's the Academy's Best Fighter!? The Card that Decides Victory! ● #13 Lost World! Vile Demonic Dragon, Vanity Husk Destroyer! Part 1 ● #14 Lost World! Vile Demonic Dragon, Vanity Husk Destroyer! Part 2 ● #15 Get Stronger, Yuga! A New Beginning! ● #16 Shop Preliminaries Begin! Samurai versus Ninja! ● #17 Checkmate!! Ace of Study versus Chess Genius! ● #18 Our New Ally? A Non-Evil Da-Dan?! ● #19 The Vile Ranma Channel Debuts? Return of Lost World! ● #20 Target: Miko! A Kidnapped Cat?! ● #21 Yuga and Banjoe! A Fiery Fight!! ● #22 Masato or Kanesada? Shop Preliminary Finals! ● #23 The Second Round begins! A Challenge from Vile Ranma! ● #24 Mage Garga! A Magic World Buddyfight! ● #25 The Third Lost World Fighter! Enter the MAX Dragons! ● #26 A New Lost World Ally! ● #27 The Secret Origin of the Linkdragon Order! Get Stronger, Agito! ● #28 One Shot Victory! Gattling Mode! ● #29 I'm going to play too! Buddyfight! ● #30 Who Will Win? Subaru Versus Masato! ● #31 The Guardian of Order, Eden Hanazono! ● #32 Major Evolution! Vile Demonic Deity Dragon, Vanity Epoch Destroyer! ● #33 Light Kurouzu! Battle of Destiny! ● #34 Da Dan Rebels! The Forbidden Coup D'Etat! ● #35 Garga's Major Evolution! Activate, Deity G.Evo! ● #36 Unhappy! Vile Ranma versus Rei Urameshi! ● #37 Final Battle! Masato versus Daijirou! ● #38 Come Back, My Friend! Casting a Spell with a Wish! ● #39 Ace Buddyfighters, Assemble! ● #40 Vile Demonic Husk Deity Dragon, Vanity End Destroyer! ● #41 Who Will Use It? The Anti-Lost Weapon! ● #42 Final Battle! Yuga versus Vile Ranma! ● #43 Let It Loose! Deity Creations Fangflare, Gargantua Punisher!