Absolute Girl of the Convent, Mary Sue
伽藍の絶対少女 メアリー・スー
English Absolute Girl of the Convent, Mary Sue
Kanji 伽藍の絶対少女 メアリー・スー
Kana がらんのぜったいしょうじょ メアリー・スー
Romaji Garan no Zettaishōjo Mearī Sū
Type Monster
Size 2
Power 5000
Critical 2
Defense 3000
World Magic World
Attribute Wizard
Illust 碧風羽
Flavor Text
Her world desires no other absolutes other than her.
Ability / Effect
"Absolute Sorcery Pact" When you cast a spell, draw a card. "Absolute Sorcery Pact" only activates once per turn.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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