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"Ambush" (しゅう Kishū) is a keyword that allows a card to be called from the drop zone if it was face down in the soul of a card when it was put into the drop zone. Since only a few cards can put soul face down, it is mainly usable in Katana World.

In the anime, Ambush activates by dropping a bell on the field, disintegrating to reveal the monster inside. In a few cases, some monsters do a dance that summons the bell.

Latest Reminder Text

[Ambush] (When this face down card is put from the soul of a card on your field into your drop zone, you may call it by paying its [Call Cost].)

List of Cards with Ambush

Detective Conan


Size 1

Katana World


Size 0
Size 1
Size 2
Size 3

List of Keywords
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