• This page is both used for the anime version of Amigo Takata, as well as the real life person of Amigo Takata.

Anime Version

"Amigo Takata" is one of the WBC Cup World Championship competitors from Future Card Buddyfight Triple D. He is a supposedly Mexican in roots fighter who won his way into the World Cup.


Buddyfight Records

Record (Season 3)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
None-Yet D32 Lose (Forfeited)

Real Life Version

Amigo Takata

Amigo Takata (アミーゴ★タカタ Amīgo★Takata) is one of the staff members for Bushiroad in the Future Card Buddyfight section. He is a Japanese who has the soul of Spain. His work is known as one of the charismatic buddyfighters and as well as a player who is always participating in Bakunetsu Saigen and other official Buddyfight videos. He always participates in most Buddyfight events in Japan.

He is usually called "Amigo". In his twitter, he introduced himself as "さすらいのバディファイター、アミーゴ★タカタ ダヨー↑↑!!" (The Wandering Buddyfighter, Amigo★Takata!!).


  • So far, his real name cannot be found. Maybe the name "Amigo Takata", which is found unlikely to be, is his real name?
  • A Future Card Buddyfight card based on him has been released in Perfect Pack 1: Golden Buddy Pack.
  • He, together with other Future Card Buddyfight staff, has been challenged to a Buddyfight by Card Kingdom, one of the popular card shops in Japan. During the fight he used a Skull Warrior deck.
  • Corocoro`s Youtube Channel made various videos on Amigo showing the audience the headquarters of the Buddyfight Animation Team. He was given a visual anime look and recorded some lines. It seems those videos were foreshadowing to his anime appearance.
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