Apocalypse Death Shield
デスシールド 黙示録の盾
H-BT04-0016EN (Sample)
English: Apocalypse Death Shield
Kanji: デスシールド 黙示録の盾
Kana: デスシールド もくしろくのたて
Phonetic: Desushīrudo Mokushiroku no Tate
Japanese Translation: Death Shield, Shield of the Apocalypse
Type: Spell
World: Darkness Dragon World
Attribute: Black Knight / Death / Deep / Defense
Illust: 藤原ひさし
Flavor Text
The Apocalypse Death Shield is the memory of evil. It cuts both ideals and dreams.
Ability / Effect
[Cast Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]
[Counter] Choose and use one of the following two.
• During an attack on your opponent's turn, nullify that attack.
• During this turn's attack phase, all 《Black Knightmonsters on your field are regarded as your buddy monster.
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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