English: Armordeity, Dynamis
Kanji: 武装騎神 デュナミス
Kana: ぶそうきしん デュナミス
Phonetic: Busōkishin Dyunamisu
Japanese Translation: Armed Cavalry Deity, Dynamis
Size: 3
Type: Monster
Power: 7000
Critical: 2
Defense: 6000
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Armordragon / Deity
Illust: lack
Flavor Text:
The true power of the Armordragons are still shrouded in mystery.
Ability / Effect:
[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge & Put a card from your hand into this card's soul]
This card cannot attack the left or right.
[Move] [Double Attack] [Soulguard]
Legal Status:
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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