Bal Dragon, "Bal-Blaster Granbolt!"
バルドラゴン “バルブラスター・グランボルト!”
English Bal Dragon, "Bal-Blaster Granbolt!"
Kana バルドラゴン “バルブラスター・グランボルト!”
Romaji Baru Doragon "Baru Burasutā Guranboruto!"
Type Impact Monster
Size 2
Power 11000
Critical 3
Defense 5000
World Dragon World
Attribute Sun Dragon / Thunder Empire
Illust なかざき冬
Flavor Text
The Sun X Arc cannon levels the area like a blade of light!
Ability / Effect
[Call Cost] [Put this card on top of a 《Sun Dragon》 or 《Thunder Empiremonster on your field & Pay 2 gauge]
When this card attacks, it attacks your opponent and all their monsters instead.
[Counter]Act】 If your life is 5 or less, you may pay 2 gauge. If you do, [Stand] this card.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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