Battle Spirit Unite
English Battle Spirit Unite
Kanji 闘魂合身
Kana とうこんがっしん
Romaji Tōkon Gasshin
Translated Fighting Spirit Combination
Type Spell
World Danger World
Attribute Battle Aura
Illust XEBEC
Flavor Text
Rouga and Cerberus. When they first met, the battle lasted for 3 days, and left multiple scars on their bodies.
Ability / Effect
[Counter] Choose a monster on your field, and for this turn, increase its power or defense by the power of a 《Weapon》 on your field, and it gets [Counterattack]! ([Counterattack]: If this monster is not destroyed after an attack, choose a monster that attacked with defense less than or equal to this monster's power, and destroy it.)
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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