• Mohky

    Any tips? Not really sure what world to start out with even there's so much to sift through. I have some of a tyrant deck I was able to piece from chaff and a deck a friend is loaning to me from the Bang Dream stuff. Played a bunch of vanguard but mostly dropped it with the newest season due to the group disappearing. Any recommendations on what's good or what boxes to look at grabbing?

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  • Nerø32

    Today, Bushiroad released a Voice Drama, that featuring Alec. In this Video, you will learn about Triple Buddy power, and see Alec's personality.

    Video text translation made by @buddytrans!

    Subtitles video made by @garagewolf

    Alec: Well, well! You must have good eyes if we caught your attention. Well, then! Listen to our words carefully. Our name is Alexander Ankh, the crown prince of the Ankh Kingdom, and the man who will create a new legend for this world! Yuga: That's why they call you the Ace of Legend, right? Alec: Mikado Yuga! What are you doing here?! Yuga: I heard your deck got stronger, so I came to check it out! Alec: Trying to investigate your enemy, are you? Yuga: You're not my enemy, you're my rival. Alec: Hmph. Well, I suppose I…

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  • 0123456789 The Great

    Pardon the overly frequent use of Announcement Feature. But there are just more things to announce.

    The previous blog post saying there are Discussion Moderator recruit/nomination. This blog will cover more details about the said right.

    As the role name suggest, this is a right that allows user to moderate any place with discussion purpose. Full list of commonly used rights include:

    • Edit and delete the following entities.
      • Article comments.
      • Message Wall messages.
      • Forum thread's messages.
      • Posts in the Discussion board.
    • Close message wall thread.
    • Moderate the chat feature.
    • Visit the Admin Dashboard; albeit with limited access.

    On a local level, Discussion Moderators' username are colored Yellow.

    A week ago, as most people should have noticed, SirLudXVI ha…

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  • Nerø32

    Original text is here.

    Link to the person, who translated the story.

    ◇     ◇     ◇

    Long, long ago, just after the creation of the planet we now know as "Earth", the gods were worried over its future.

    "Well, what do you think of it?" The god of flame tilted his head.

    "...It doesn't look good. All the other worlds' distortions are trying to gather here. One day, this planet will be the centerpoint of all the worlds." The god of ice bemoaned the woe of this planet's future.

    "If that happened, horrible fighting would break out. We as the Dragods need to prevent that by keeping the worlds split apart from one another."

    "But all these distortions are probably a reaction from the creation of the worlds."

    "So that means it's our responsibility to do somet…

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  • Nerø32

    Original text is here.

    Link to the person, who translated the story.

    ◇     ◇     ◇

    "I attack with Dragon Extermination Knight, Siegfried!"

    "Man, I lost again...

    In a small town in the German countryside lived two young boys who loved Buddyfighting--one with glossy green hair named Krieger, and one with a shock of red hair named Rick. They were neighbors and quickly became friends, and whenever they found the free time, they would play Buddyfight together.

    Krieger picked up the card that had just decided the match, Siegfried, and stared at it admiringly. "The heroes in Legend World are so strong and cool... I just love them."

    "Next time my dragon army is definitely going to win, y'know!"

    "That I'd love to see!"

    And saying that, the two laughed toget…

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  • ChazuTheMagoSophQueen

    MagoSoph Moments

    September 28, 2019 by ChazuTheMagoSophQueen

    MagoSoph is the rare pairing between Magoroku Shido & Sophia (Sofia) Sakharov. 

    Please note that this blog is too informed fans that this is ship could be plausible giving facts from the canon. All the moments are heavily based on canon & I'm not changing any of them to make it look like they should be. I am not trying to give anyone misleading information in any way. Whatever you ship it or not is up to you, I will not force you to ship it nonetheless please be respectable & no hate here. So please keep that in mind, I only made this for fun. 

    ​​​​​Season one doesn't have many moments. However, the displayed in teamwork is worth noting, they are shown to be a great team. Sofia seems to know the right moves to make when doing her job. 

    In sea…

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  • 0123456789 The Great

    Even more changes

    September 26, 2019 by 0123456789 The Great

    Since the previous announcement, the wiki has undergone some more changes. I, the one responsible to all those changes, will summarize them.

    We have created a Comment Policy. This applies to all comment, message wall threads, forums, and the discussion board.

    At long last, after discussion between admins (minus the currently inactive RyuuseiR3 and the absent Maddog98), we have opened a brand new Discord Server to the public. The server will be run by me, Nerø32 and SkyAzurePhoenix. An invite to it can be found integrated to the wiki's right or bottom, depending on individual users' zoom level.

    The server will serve as another chat platform for editors and visitors, and be used to coordinate wiki editing (among various other purposes). All rul…

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  • Daioh Rinnegijin


    September 26, 2019 by Daioh Rinnegijin

    I am new here. I'm looking to make Genesis Dragons in real life, and I want to play the game in real life.

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  • TheRailgun123

    Sim needs fixing

    September 13, 2019 by TheRailgun123

    Okay, for some reason whenever I make a new deck on the buddy fight sim it doesn't save. I know I click the button but it won't work. I've tested it out a few times and it all came out the same. For some reason, the flag is there and my buddy as well but the rest of the deck is gone.

    So, could someone please fix it? I've been watching a lot of Buddyfight lately so there are decks I really want to build. 

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  • 0123456789 The Great

    The wiki has undergone several changes in the past few months, including new personnel promotion, and changes to the templates. I, in place of the head admins Maddog98 and FutureKnightX, will be summarizing the changes here.

    As mentioned in the previous blog of mine, the CardTable has gained one major addition: The table header.

    At first, the table header was in an inconsistent state of coloring, but has gradually received maintenance and improvement, and now, it is as we can all see. (Though, the width is not yet adjusted). Should there be any unsightful things with the new addition, please contact me immediately.

    In addition, the card infos (Set/Effect) also got their sub-table color header, and share the exact same coloring effect as the h…

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