• ShadowEyepatch

    I made a new illustration for a Lost Cross Astrolagica. For the skill, i was thinking of something that would be the opposite of Galaxy F, but still very similar. Maybe something like destroy a card on the L or R side of your field and have benefits or something like that ahaha i aint to creative for the skills, i'm mainly good for the art design haha

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  • FutureKnightX

    (Feel free to interpret this as you wish! lol)

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  • RyuuseiR3

    Gonna post it here until everything looks OK.

    Buddyfight Ace x Detective Conan

    Trial Deck Cross
    S-TD-C01: Detective Conan -Side:White-
    S-TD-C02: Detective Conan -Side:Black-
    Release Date: April 12th, 2019 (JP)
    Cards: 19 new cards + 1 flag.
    Flag: Detective Conan

    Ultimate Booster Cross
    S-UB-C01: Detective Conan
    Release Date: April 12th, 2019 (JP)
    Cards: 72 cards (6 Super Rare/6 SP/6 RRR/12 RR/18 R/24 U)
    Flag: Detective Conan


    From Hattori's reminder text, we'll get new the new type of cards here, but they have a treatment like Impact Monster's ruling.
    - Character = Monster (confirmed)
    - Event = Spell?
    - Special = Impact?
    - Special Character = Impact Monster?
    Also the World's name written on the card is actually a Character's name.

    Ultimate Booster …

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  • RyuuseiR3

    Date: February 5
    Buddyfight: 14:32 (JST)
    YouTube Live:

    - Anime will end after this April.
    - Buddyfight Ace x Detective Conan Collaboration
    - Buddyfight Ace x Girls Band Party! PICO!!! Collaboration
    - Special Pack: Clashing, Batzz VS Geargod will have a pre-release in the event.
    - New Garga's promo comes along with CoroCoro Comic April 2019 Issue
    - A deck set comes along with CoroCoro Special June 2019 Issue, as well as the Manga's sequel. Yuga's story will continue here, and Gao will be back (It's a bimonthly, so it will be on April).

    Schedule (JP)
    March: S-Trial Deck 01
    April: S-Booster Set 04 and Conan's stuff
    May: Sp…

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  • TyrantRex

    Every since Buddyfight began Ancient World has always been my absolute favorite World in the game. I've always played Wild Dragons basically because the intial boss monster had the word "Tyrant" in the name, later I played the Blood Dragon version. But the thing is, power creep during Ace wasn't exactly kind to that deck, to say the least.

    Linkdragon Order was revealed as the main Ancient World attribute for the season, which is a good deck but it didn't really appeal to me, I like Ancient World because it's based around pummeling the opponent with one giant unstoppable monster, LDO instead revolves around size 1 monsters working together. So instead I picked Astrodragon as my Ace deck of choice, which is a deck I quite enjoy and to my surp…

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  • SkyAzurePhoenix

    In case anyone here hasn't seen it, the finals for Buddyfight are being streamed right now.

    Here is the link.

    EDIT: And it's over. The first game was recorded and will be uploaded later according to the Bushiroad staff.

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  • Andrew Wolfwood

    So, the tournament in ace is coming to a end soon. I have been enjoying this season and am looking forward to the final round. my thoughts are towards what kind of match ups we will see. Given that Ranma is the main antagonist and Yuga is the Pro, they will porbably end up fighting in the last round, drama, but what about the other matches. i wanna talk about those match up. What about a Eden versus Suburu match? Would that not be entertaining. i wanna discuss it with any other fans enjoy this season. any thoughts, idea, etc i wanna discuss

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  • IceshadeComets

    Woohoo! The Buddyfight Plugin has gone through some updates over the last year and i'm thankful for the community for keeping it alive :D. I've made a fully updated Buddyfight Plugin for LackeyCCG that updates frequently, at least once a week and with multiple features that are listed down below. If you are interested in using the plugin I have a guide linked as well so you can install it with ease.


    -Tag Fights!!

    -Fully Updated Database, which new updates every week with the newest cards!!

    -Alternate Arts for Almost Every Card in the Game

    -Support for FFA Fights up to 4 Players!!

    -New UI Interface!!

    Planned/Upcoming Features:

    -Booster Draft for all Sets!!

    Updated and Full Guide to Buddyfight!! Universe

    Discord Server

    Autoupdate Url: http://…

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  • FighterofLight

    Is it fun? Like is it fun to just drop a Lost World for 2 Gauge and auto-win with broken cards? Like I get that Lost World is arguably the best deck right now and there's next to no reason to not just splash it into everything, but I see a lot of people using it in casual environments like BFA and it just baffles me because I tried it and it got old really quick.

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  • Isickell

    Recently, I noticed some inconsistencies between DDD and Ace, due to the removal of core deck cases. This does contain spoilers for the end of DDD, so don't read this if you haven't watched it. You have been warned.

    So, at the end of DDD, when Bal is having visions of his new buddy in the distant future, he is clearly shown to have a core deck case. His was the sun belt, like Gao's. But now in Ace, there are no longer any core deck cases. Unless they make a comeback later in the series, then this is kind of sloppy on Bushiroad's part. I know it's not the end of the world, but it's just personally annoying to me and I felt like sharing this.

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