• 0123456789 The Great

    The wiki has undergone several changes in the past few months, including new personnel promotion, and changes to the templates. I, in place of the head admins Maddog98 and FutureKnightX, will be summarizing the changes here.

    As mentioned in the previous blog of mine, the CardTable has gained one major addition: The table header.

    At first, the table header was in an inconsistent state of coloring, but has gradually received maintenance and improvement, and now, it is as we can all see. (Though, the width is not yet adjusted). Should there be any unsightful things with the new addition, please contact me immediately.

    In addition, the card infos (Set/Effect) also got their sub-table color header, and share the exact same coloring effect as the h…

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  • 0123456789 The Great

    I know that I was just here recently and still don't know anyone, yet I am already requesting for admin. Let me say "Yes I am". That's it for the blog's blurb, and let's get to the point.

    I'm requesting for a full time administrator right, and let me attach some info regarding the request. It's a series of self-ask, self-answer questions in the beginning, but more questions can be added if need be. I will try my best to answer them all. Please either "Support" or "Oppose" with good reason regardless of the vote you cast.

    In the wide view, moving the wiki forward.

    In the narrow view, technical stuffs, including the .

    In order of bragging right I feel I got.

    1. The new decoration of CardTable: The header and color effect.
    2. The CardTable Preload.
    3. Japan…

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  • TheRailgun123

    Buddyfight Sim

    September 5, 2019 by TheRailgun123

    Hi. Would anyone like to Buddyfight me? I use the Purgatory Knights from Darkness Dragon World but I'm trying out other decks too.

    If you use the Buddyfight Sim, message me, please. 

    I'm really bored and I want to try out this Legend World deck I'm working on. 


    Oh yeah, my name is TheRailgun on the sim.

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  • TheRailgun123

    Buddyfight Stadium

    September 4, 2019 by TheRailgun123

    Just asking but where does everybody Buddyfight? (Online I mean. Because where I'm from, no one knows Buddyfight and there's only like one card store). 

    I mainly use this sim but there's always no one on it, and I really want to play. 

    So where does everyone play? 

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  • Joshua013106

    writing this for a bagde

    September 1, 2019 by Joshua013106

    I'm writing this for the badge

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  • 0123456789 The Great

    You all should have seen the new layout of the CardTable. It got a header with EN/JP name and color for every info headers below.

    While the idea of the header originates from the Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki, the true credit of the coding I use pre-reverse engineering goes to Romanoff Blitzer of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Fanon Wiki and his personal CardTable there. Specifically, the visual effect of the headers on Dual and Triple Cards.

    However, despite the new visual effect, this template is not yet perfected. It's at "Beta Test" at best. I apologize for any inconveniences the table may have caused to users. If you find any bug or visual error on the new implementation, please contact me immediately on my message wall.

    Q: Can you make the name t…

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  • YumiZero

    BFA ACE Field

    August 10, 2019 by YumiZero
    Hey everyone! I was so obsessed with the new field from Buddyfight ACE, so I tried to replicate it for the BFA, I know it doesn't look like much, all i had to work with was limited, I tried to compromise the proportions of the real one and the one offered by BFA, and this would be the outcome! all its missing are the marks in the buddy zone, flag/item, deck & drop zone.

    Hope you enjoy it!!

    ⬣ To use this field:
    1. Download this image;
    2. Move the downloaded image in the Sprite folder;
    3. Rename the file "Field1.png" and replace it with the old one.

    ▼ Here is a screenshot of a random fight with the use of the field, as you can see the fitting of the cards on the field are near perfect.

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  • Nerø32

    Original text is here.

    Link to the person, who translated the story.

    ◇     ◇     ◇

    A crowd had gathered at the center of the Aibo Academy courtyard. They were all looking up at the roof, but what had brought them all out here in the first place?

    "Emma! Get out here right this second! Your very favorite Alice has come to see you!"

    What had drawn this crowd together was a blonde girl, the one who called herself Alice. Right now, she was standing at the very edge of the roof, her voice reverberating through the entire school.

    "Lady Alice, perhaps we a bit more quietly...?" In stark contrast to Alice's grand display, a withdrawn boy with rabbit ears tearfully raised his voice.

    "Silence! We can't waste a single second of a single minut…

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  • Nerø32

    Original text is here.

    Link to the person, who translated the story.

    ◇     ◇     ◇

    "The star of victory is all mine!☆"

    A great and joyous cry reverberated through the hall. At the center of that cry was a very gaudy young man striking a pose. Having given his declaration of victory, the announcer also raised her voice.

    "That's iiiit! The second match in the semifinal round of the Strongest Model Buddyfighter Standoff has been won by none other than than the Supernova of Hope, the Greatest Star, Ichibanboshi Hikaruuuuuuuuu!"

    This kind of result was, quite simply, just to be expected.

    The Strongest Model Buddyfighter Standoff is an event held every year that always manages to pull in the entirety of the entertainment industry--and its semifinals ha…

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    To everyone on the Wiki,

    As some of you know, I have created and/or added some tips for cards on the wiki. While I have created several tips, I also want to help people out in making their decks. Therefore, if anyone wants me to do any tips on cards, feel free to let me know on my page or you can just comment here.

    The truth is, I love to play Buddyfight, and I want to use my love of the game to help others enjoy their games too. So, if anyone needs anything about cards, you can count on me because I'll be there to help.

    Thats all from me, Thank You.

                                                                                                                                          By SOULARCHER20

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