• WikiNumbers

    Year End Report

    January 1, 2020 by WikiNumbers

    Another year has passed, and that also is a year for us, Buddyfight Wiki. I, in place of all personnel members of the Wiki, will be summarizing what happened to the game and our wiki here.

    It's another year for the game, with a lot of new additions to the game, cards and mechanics alike.

    Collaboration Titles are a completely new horizon for the game. We were introduced to cards that are totally separate from the main pool, themed after famous anime and manga series.

    So far, we have six collaborative series, all featuring unique playstyles. We also have a confirmation for the seventh in 2020.

    Since the anime had been put on hiatus, a new book serialization has taken its place in featuring newer casts. The stories can be found and read on our wi…

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    December 27, 2019 by SOULARCHER20

    To everybody reading this on the Buddyfight wiki.

    The year is coming to a close, and I just want to say, thank you all for helping me out on this wiki. If there are any mistakes I have done, I intend to apologise for it. I don't want the harmony of our wiki community to falter and I don't want any hard working users to be banned. If there's anyway I can help out, please tell me as soon as possible. I will help anyway I can.

    One of the reasons why I'm typing this is to apologise for making a Special Flag Card Category without permission. I hope this does not cause any inconvenience to anyone. But in conclusion, I hope the game will grow happily into a new future.

    That is all I have to say. Thank you and Happy New Year everyone.

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  • KarlKhai13

    There's seem to be people who think the anime is canceled and not on hiatus. Is there any confirmation or statements made by Bushiroad and if there is, please give a link or something. I don't know if someone already did something like this but it wouldn't hurt to do it again, right. Thanks for the help BTW.

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  • Dungeon world

    The new season.

    December 6, 2019 by Dungeon world

    Hi. Just, could someone tell me when the new season of buddyfight ace will starts? thanks in advance for the answer.

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  • Dungeon world

    Buddyfight on Ipad

    December 4, 2019 by Dungeon world

    Apparently there is no Buddyfight game for ipad users... or if there is one, can someone pls notify me ? o and i know that in  some you can actually do decks on ipad, but you cannot actually play them against other users.I already done decks in one. And tried to play, but I had to have a mouse so i couldn't move my cards lol.

    And the game has to be accessible on a website, please. No apple store apps.

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  • Dungeon world

    Pls help for the anime

    November 28, 2019 by Dungeon world

    I saw that their wasn't any info of the season 5 ace anime synopsis.

    Pls contribute to do one, i already done the first seven minutes of the Episode number 43 of the fifth season.

    It is really easy too, and I think it is a good way to get recognized by the mods and earn easy points lol. Also, characters like Zanya Kisaragi  have no info on season 2 and/3 . This is the only problem with this wiki, that the anime is not that much developed for semi important characters or ( zanya is important to me but I don't do the anime so I have no say in this ), and also on episodes. And come on, if people like Nero ( no offense bro ) will spend a lot of money on packs 1 hour after they are created in english just to scan and post the information, then wi…

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  • Dungeon world

    Ok, so like the tiltle says, I do : choose avatar. I can choose a picture and says ok, but then the loading animation appears and disappears, to show that the loading is complete, BUT THE  NEW AVATAR doesn't show up. I think that maybe it is a graphic bug, so I press the button "Save, I'm done" and NOTHING SHOW UP. Maybe it is because i am on the website on my Ipad, but that is bugging me since 2016, when i first join other wikias.

    Pls help me.

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  • Dungeon world

    the sd card category is finished! 

    it took me an hour, but hey! i done it!BUT THE CATEGORY IS NAMED "S.D." because some random dude did an SD category already but with only 2 things in it, amd they aren't even super deformed, so the thing he created is just not an SD category except for the name lol.

    So now i wonder what to do... i am waiting for the answer of nero , so he can tell me how does he find so much images, so I can now redirect myself to images adding.

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  • Dungeon world

    Ok so like the title says, I am currently doing the SD category, for super deformed. But because someone already took just :"SD" and did 2 card in it and they aren't even Super Deformed. He did random crap, sorry for the language, but I have no other words.So I am now doing A REAL SD category, but it is named S.D.

    Just for informing people who would kindly like to help me I only use the search bar and do it one by one, pls give me tips for it to be faster.

    Also, I cannot directly choose S.D. , and i have to choose a category, then modifie it in both of the space by writing S.D. , which is kinda long. Pls someone explain to me why my S.D. doesn't appear on the automatic choices when I write it in adding categories, but the list of pages in t…

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  • Dungeon world

    So just read the title guys! ( I don't know if it is legal or not to do that tough sorry if it is not mods pls don't ban me... )

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