"Drum's Adventures" is the 3rd Booster Set released in both the Japanese and English formats, following Booster Set 2: Cyber Ninja Squad.


Special Campaign

  • This Booster Set is involved on the "Buddyfight 7 Great Campaign" of Japanese format, and it comes with the following:
    • 1 playmat for each carton.
    • 5 sleeve packs of Dancing Magician, Tetsuya for each first print box.
    • 1 of 5 different swing pops for each first print box.
    • 1 "Open the Pack Campaign" ticket comes at random in each booster, and the players can exchange it to get 1 notebook + 1 Demon Way, Oborogenbu.
    • The foil version of one C/U/R card comes at random in each booster.
    • 1 Life Counter + 1 Promo Card by buying 1 box on official retailers that holds Buddyfight tournaments (Can be pre-ordered).
    • A special collaboration with Coro Coro Comic on the issue of June 15, 2014. Including a Promo Card of Brave of the Sun, Gao + 1 DVD with 7 episodes from Season 1.


Future Card Buddyfight BT03

Future Card Buddyfight BT03

English commercial

Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
BT03/0001 Jackknife "Beistand" Monster Dragon World RRR
BT03/0002 Thunder Knights Leader, Kommandeur Fahne Monster Dragon World RRR+SP
BT03/0003 Dragon Knight, Kondou Monster Dragon World RRR+SP
BT03/0004 Dragowizard, Qinus Axia Monster Magic World RRR+SP
BT03/0005 Wanderer, the Gold Monster Katana World RRR
BT03/0006 Demon Lord, Gagnar Monster Dungeon World RRR+SP
BT03/0007 Legendary Brave, Tasuku Monster Dungeon World RRR+SP
BT03/0008 Dragonblade Wielding Sheila Vanna Monster Dungeon World RRR
BT03/0009 Super Armordragon, Vulverize Dragon Monster Dragon World RR
BT03/0010 Thunder Knights, Bastard-sword Dragon Monster Dragon World RR
BT03/0011 Dragon Knight, Soushi Monster Dragon World RR
BT03/0012 Barbarish Anger-! Impact Dragon World RR+SP
BT03/0013 Magical Secretary, Genjuro Saki Monster Magic World RR
BT03/0014 Mana Booster, Melerqim Monster Magic World RR
BT03/0015 Undefeatable, Setsujishi Monster Katana World RR
BT03/0016 Sky Ninja, Yamigarasu Monster Katana World RR+SP
BT03/0017 Bladewing Phoenix Monster Dungeon World RR+SP
BT03/0018 Dancing Magician, Tetsuya Monster Dungeon World RR
BT03/0019 Dungeon Explosion Spell Dungeon World RR
BT03/0020 Brave Equipment, Glory Seeker Item Dungeon World RR+SP
BT03/0021 Super Armordragon, Daring Armor Dragon Monster Dragon World R
BT03/0022 Million Rapier Dragon Monster Dragon World R
BT03/0023 Thunder Knights, Battle Axe Dragon Monster Dragon World R
BT03/0024 Thunder Knights, Drum Bunker Dragon Monster Dragon World R+SP
BT03/0025 Awl Pike Dragon Monster Dragon World R
BT03/0026 Thunder Knights, Dragoarcher Monster Dragon World R
BT03/0027 Dragon Barrier Spell Dragon World R
BT03/0028 Thunder Formation! Spell Dragon World R
BT03/0029 Thunderblade, Dragobreaker Item Dragon World R
BT03/0030 Dragowizard, Magician Drum Monster Magic World R+SP
BT03/0031 Great Spell, Deus EX Machina Spell Magic World R
BT03/0032 Power Ray Maximum Spell Magic World R
BT03/0033 Gotcha! Spell Magic World R
BT03/0034 Five Heavenly Swords, Onimaru Item Katana World R
BT03/0035 Guardian Dragon of the Ruins, Meteor Rain Monster Dungeon World R
BT03/0036 Brave, Drum Monster Dungeon World R+SP
BT03/0037 Magical Fortress, Orser Kleinz Monster Dungeon World R
BT03/0038 Mimic with a Prize Monster Dungeon World R
BT03/0039 Missile Magician, Addrick Monster Dungeon World R
BT03/0040 Evil-Break Monster Dungeon World R
BT03/0041 Continue! Spell Dungeon World R
BT03/0042 Mission Card "Rest at Nazaro Hot Springs!" Spell Dungeon World R
BT03/0043 Brave's Sword, Soma Sword Item Dungeon World R
BT03/0044 Actor Knights Emperor Monster Generic R
BT03/0045 Tail Sword Dragon Monster Dragon World U
BT03/0046 Thunder Knights, Sword-shield Dragon Monster Dragon World U
BT03/0047 Tuck Sword Dragon Monster Dragon World U
BT03/0048 Dragon Knight, Hijikata Monster Dragon World U
BT03/0049 Wolf of Mibu Spell Dragon World U
BT03/0050 Dragonblade, Dragoseele Item Dragon World U
BT02/0051 Gospel of the White Dragon Deity Impact Dragon World U
BT03/0052 Flame Master, Ganzack "Dva" Monster Magic World U
BT03/0053 Dragowizard, Tempest Wing Monster Magic World U
BT03/0054 Dragowizard, Burning Wand Monster Magic World U
BT03/0055 You the Man! Spell Magic World U
BT03/0056 Magic Arm, Burning Fist Item Magic World U
BT03/0057 Sniping Ninja, Yoichi Monster Katana World U
BT03/0058 Secret Arts, Dance of the Guardian Swords Spell Katana World U
BT03/0059 Ninja Arts, Snake Gaze Spell Katana World U
BT03/0060 Dark Ninja Technique, Poison Mist Formation Spell Katana World U
BT03/0061 Final Showdown on the Great Gojo Bridge Spell Katana World U
BT03/0062 Tosa Hound, Cobalt Monster Dungeon World U
BT03/0063 Thunder Spartis Monster Dungeon World U
BT03/0064 One-eyed Demon Lord, Keith Wanaid Monster Dungeon World U
BT03/0065 Big Surprise Pandora Monster Dungeon World U
BT03/0066 Cecilia's Spell Disarm Spell Dungeon World U
BT03/0067 Dangerous Fuse Spell Dungeon World U
BT03/0068 Divine Protection of Shalsana Spell Dungeon World U
BT03/0069 Demon Lord's Dungeon Spell Dungeon World U
BT03/0070 Dragon Vanquishing Sword, Dragonslayer Item Dungeon World U
BT03/0071 Dominion Rod Item Dungeon World U
BT03/0072 Actor Knights High Priest Monster Generic U
BT03/0073 Actor Knights Hanged Man Monster Generic U
BT03/0074 Justice Hammer Spell Generic U
BT03/0075 Bardiche Drake Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0076 Shadow Shamshir Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0077 Dragon Knight, Kagekiyo Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0078 Aroi Lance Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0079 Blade Chakram Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0080 Thunder Knights, Broadsword Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0081 Dragon Knight, Saitou Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0082 Thunder Knights, Main-gauche Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0083 Thunder Knights, Iron-fist Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0084 Bucket Arm Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0085 Dragon Knight, Nagakura Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0086 Thunder Knights, Brass-shield Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0087 Leather Buckler Dragon Monster Dragon World C
BT03/0088 Dragogenius Spell Dragon World C
BT03/0089 Magical Fighter, Seijuro Mado Monster Magic World C
BT03/0090 Dragowizard, Rainbow Horn Monster Magic World C
BT03/0091 Todo of the Unseen Hands Monster Magic World C
BT03/0092 Bye Bye Later! Spell Magic World C
BT03/0093 Aftermath, Gagaku Monster Katana World C
BT03/0094 Fire Streak Ninja, Gokuen Monster Katana World C
BT03/0095 Leaping Ninja, Sarutobi Monster Katana World C
BT03/0096 Skull Golem, Mazubaha Monster Dungeon World C
BT03/0097 Doberman, Cobalt Monster Dungeon World C
BT03/0098 Gummy Slime Monster Dungeon World C
BT03/0099 Scout, Criticizing Kirwa Monster Dungeon World C
BT03/0100 Fate Skeleton Monster Dungeon World C
BT03/0101 Staff of Monster Master, Alerta Item Dungeon World C
BT03/0102 Actor Knights Justice Monster Generic C
BT03/0103 Actor Knights Empress Monster Generic C
BT03/0104 Emperor Shield Spell Generic C
BT03/0105 Armorknight Cerberus "A" Monster Danger World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Danger 1 0 0 0 1
Dragon 29 4 2 2 37
Dungeon 20 6 6 0 32
Generic 5 2 0 0 7
Katana 7 4 1 0 12
Magic 10 5 1 0 16

List of Booster Sets
Season 1

BT01: Dragon ChiefBT02: Cyber Ninja SquadBT03: Drum's AdventuresBT04: Darkness FableBT05: Break to the Future

Season 2
H BT01: Giga Future (ver.E) ● H BT02: Galaxy BurstH BT03: Assault of the Omni LordsH-BT04: Mikado Evolution

Season 3
D-BT01: Unleash! Impact Dragon!!D-BT02: Roar! Invincible Dragon!!D-BT03: Annihilate! Great Demonic Dragon!!D Booster Set 4: Shine! Super Sun Dragon!!

Season 4
X-BT01: The Dark Lord's RebirthX-BT02: Chaos Control CrisisX-BT03: Overturn! Thunder Empire!X-BT04: Rainbow Striker

Season 5
X2-BT01: Buddy Legends

Season 6
S-BT01: Gargantua AwakenedS-BT02: Dimension DestroyerS-BT03: True Awakening of DeitiesS-BT04: Drago KnightS-BT05: War of DragodsS-BT06: Soaring Superior Deity DragonS-BT07: Perfected Time Ruler

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