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Brutal of the Martial Arts is the a member of the Chaos Three and one of Wisdom's henchmen.

He is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto (Japanese) and Griffin Cork (English).


Brutal is known to be cool, calm, collected and serious at all times.He was originally a military mercenary before going into Wisdom's Chaos lead, explaining his high battling skills. He was said to be experienced in all forms of combat, and was said to be a military pro among pros, which also applies in his role at the Chaos Control Company as Wisdom's top man in his henchmen. He is an obedient one and follows Wisdom's orders very seriously, and would even risk his own life to achieve the goal that he was given.He dosent seem to cooperate well with Sakate, and told him of in two occasions.

According to Batzz, Chibi Panda and Abygale, he has a murderous side.However, he does have a bit of humor, claiming the Buddy Police to go back to thier 'donut shops'(Headquaters). When buddyfighting, he shows no mercy towards his enemies by bombarding them with high critical attacks and showing gratitude towards his Duel Golems that destroy themselves. He has a habit of saying milatary phrases in his buddyfighting. (Examples:Platoon, Troops, Commander,etc.)

Anime Biography


Brutal along with Keisetsu appeared in episode 8, where they all watched Sakate's defeat against Gao in the Buddy Masters.

Later in episode 14, he, Dra-gollum and Keisetsu were assigned by Wisdom to stop the buddy police from interfering with Wisdom and Gao's buddyfight. They showed great power until Tasuku, Jack and Ku had to escape using Satsuki without thier troops.

In episode 17, he made a report to Wisdom on Gao's revival from a ghost form and silenced Sakate, advising him not to embarass himself in front of Wisdom. After that, Wisdom gave all three of them a mission to seperate into various worlds to abduct powerful monsters and Chaosify them, to which they all accept.

In episode 22, Sakate was planning on obtaining Batzz for Wisdom on the last night of Guru's X Tempest camp, but Brutal and Keisetsu arrived and ordered him to return to his original mission of capturing monsters. Sakate ignored them and proceeded to capture Batzz alongside Kid Ibuki. When fighting against Batzz, Brutal and Keisetsu ordered him again, but then Guru Bunbuku alongside, Baku, Kuguru, Noboru, Chibi Panda, Kanata, Athora, Gaito, Abygale, Tetsuya, Asmodai, Zanya, Tsukkikage, Byakuya, Dai, Tasuku, Jack, Ku, Satsuki and Tanuki all arrived on the scene. Knowing they could'nt match against Guru's power, the three of them (Brutal had to push Sakate in the portal) fled to the C.C.C.

His first major role was in episode 24, in which he first appears trying to stop Kiri/Miserea from rescuing the Chaos monsters.


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Buddyfight Records

Record (Season 4)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea (character) X24 Win
Gaito Kurouzu X25 Lose
Wisdom X38 Lose
Gaito Kurouzu X49 Lose