Buddyfight Triple T "J Genesis"
バディファイト・バレンタイン!2017 “J・ジェネシス”
English Buddyfight Triple T "J Genesis"
Kanji バディファイト・バレンタイン!2017 “J・ジェネシス”
Kana バディファイト・バレンタイン!2017 “ジェイ・ジェネシス”
Romaji Badifaito Barentain! Ni-sen-jū-nana “Jei Jeneshisu”
Type Spell
World Hero World
Attribute Defense
Illust XEBEC
Flavor Text
Pointless… it is not.
Ability / Effect
You may put up to four "Buddyfight Triple T "J Genesis"" and "Armor Talisman: 10000 D+" altogether in your deck.
[Counter] Choose a card in battle on your field with "Zetta" in its card name, for this battle, give it defense+10000!
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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