"Collaboration Titles" (クロスシリーズ Kurosu Shirīzu "Cross Series") are pre-constructed decks or packs of cards in collaboration with other non-Buddyfight franchises.

Only cards with the same title's logo (World) can be used with the flag with the same logo. Cards that can be used with all flag, such as [Omni Lord] or "Lost World" cannot be put into the deck unless they have the same logo as the flag's logo.

Card Types for the Cross Series are different from the regular cards. But they characterized to also be of their normal equivalent at the same time regarding effects and game rules.

Collaboration Titles Normal equivalent
Character Monster
Event Spell
Special Impact
Special Character Impact Monster



List of Collaboration Titles
Conanicon Detective ConanBangdreamicon BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICOIdolmastericon THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS TheaterGeGeGeicon GeGeGe no KitaroGridmanicon SSSS.GridmanSwordArtOnlineicon Sword Art OnlineMedabotsicon Medabots
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