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Core Deck Case

A Core Deck Case in Triple D

"Core Deck Cases" are special deck cases used in the Future Card Buddyfight anime, they are built using Photon Metal.

When a person finds and becomes Buddies with a monster (normally by finding a Buddy Rare card), they are given a Core Deck Case by a Buddy Police officer. Core Deck Cases allow the user to "Luminize" their decks, allowing them to have a Buddyfight at any time together with their monsters, as well as using their Buddy Monster's abilities (such as flying).

When activated, Core Deck Cases transform into "Core Gadgets" with different forms.

As explained by El Quixote, the Core Gadget takes the shape of an object that reflects a fighter's inner hopes and dreams, either taking the shape of a personal symbol of strength for that fighter, like the Sun Belt for Gao, reflecting his dreams and ambition of becoming the Sun Fighter, or the Dragon designed Lance for Noboru, reflecting his straightforward personality and ambitions to become a Dragon Knight, or they take the shape of an object reflecting a person's inner wants and needs such as Tasuku's Armor while as the Purgatory Knight to hide his true identity from others.

Core Deck Cases seem to know who their legitimate owners are, and if used by someone else they will keep the shape that represents their real owners. If a fighter has more than one Core Deck Case, they will all take the same form, even if they are Dark Cores.

Core Gadgets automatically draw cards for players when their crystal is touched, shuffle their hands, and summon the monsters in battle while an automatic voice guides the player during their respective turns. Most, if not all, Core Gadgets have the ability to levitate as well. Without any noticeable input, these Core Gadgets can remain at the fighter's side within hands' reach and can automatically track their movement to adjust accordingly, such as when flying in the air due to a Buddy Skill. These Core Gadgets can also levitate back towards a player's side such as when they're deliberately thrown away by them.

Players who do not possess their own Core Deck Case can use an all-purpose Core Gadget to luminize their decks when fighting against someone who does own a Core Deck Case.

When a Core Gadget uses Future Force, the crystal becomes red.

In Future Card Buddyfight Triple D, many of the Core Deck Cases have gained a new design. They resemble Neo Deck Cases.

In Future Card Buddyfight Ace, the use of Core Deck Cases has been discontinued; instead, Buddyfighters luminize their Decks by using holographic tables called "V-Boards" where the game field is projected. Yet, now adult characters like Gao and Tasuku seem to still carry their old Core Deck cases around, as seen in adult Gao's design and some of cards with adult Tasuku.

Known Core Deck Cases

Owner Gadget (Status) Information Image

Any fighter without a Core Deck Case of their own

Multi-Purpose Core Gadget This core gadget is used within establishments like Castle for those without a Core Gadget of their own to Luminize their cards. Multi Purpose Core Gadget.PNG
Ageha Gokuraku Winged Compact Ageha Core Gadget.PNG
Akaoni Konmae Red Fundoshi When it was first revealed, Jack and Tasuku laughed at its appearance, while the other people watching the match are stunned or shocked by it. Akaoni Konmae Core Gadget.PNG
Amenkuler XVII Pyramid Amenkuler Core Gadget.PNG
Amigo Takata Maraca Amigo Core Gadget.PNG
Aooni Konmae Blue Fundoshi Aooni Core Gadget.PNG
Ban Enma Motorcycle

When activating his Buddy Skill, Ban is capable of riding his Core Gadget similar to a hoverbike, allowing him to traverse large distances with ease.

It comes equipped with a handlebar tow that allows him to pull other people while flying, similar to parasailing.

Ban Enma Core Gadget.PNG
Brutal of the Martial Arts Brutal Overkill.png
Buddy Police Hover Disc Parts During the battle against Yamigedo, it was show that the members of the Buddy Police all possess the same core gadget.

Takihara's core gadget was destroyed by Rouga after he destroyed a Buddy Police Barrier, but eventually replaced with a new one.

Buddy Police Core Gadget.PNG

Captain Answer (Owner)

Genma Todoroki (Temporarily)

Hand Gun

This gadget is capable of firing Luminized card "bullets" at opponents or to call monsters from the deck installed in it. It also allows the user to Transform into "Captain Answer" even outside a Buddyfight.

Tasuku borrowed this Core Gadget from Neginoyama when he raided Disaster's base, but was returned after joining them. He didn't use it in his buddyfights with Disaster's members though.

It briefly came into Genma's possession when Negonoyama lost it after his interaction with Kemura, allowing Genma to impersonate Captain Answer for his Buddyfight with Shido.

CAP Core Gadget.pngHitotaba Future Core Gadget.PNG
Castle Store Manager Helmet Castle Store Manager Core Gadget.PNG
Carlos Matador Lance Carlos Core Gadget.PNG
CHAOS Gao Belt CHAOS Gao Autodiety Deck.png
Dai Kaido Drum Dai Core Gadget.PNG
Dash Kazakiri Bracelet Dash Core Gadget.PNG
Demon Inzaidi Gem (Both Destroyed)

Inzaidi possesed two of these Core Gadgets, keeping the 2nd as a backup incase the first was destroyed.

Both were destroyed after losing to Tsurugi Takihara and Captain Answer.

They have a similar design to the Multi-Purpose Core Gadget.

Inzadi Two Core Gadgets.PNG
Devil Destroy Bigmachine Dumbbell Bigmachine Core Gadget.PNG
Totsuo Doai Moai Using his Buddy Skill, Doai is capable of riding the Moai statue as an improvised hoverbike, allowing him to achieve great speed to ram into other objects. Doai Core Gadget.PNG
Gaito Kurouzu


Gaito Core Gadget.PNG
Gao Mikado

Sun Belt (Destroyed)

When drawing from it or making his Mighty Sun Fighter speech, it rotates sideways.

It was destroyed after Gao suffered his first loss to Ikazuchi, and was replaced with a Neo Core Deck Case.

Gao Core Gadget.PNG
Gao Future Core Gadget.PNG
Gara Star Gara Core Gadget.PNG
Genma Todoroki Arm band Genma Core Gadget.PNG
First Knight of the Apocalypse, Gratos


Gratos Core Gadget.PNG
Grimoire Skull Grimoire World of Closed Potential!.png
Guru Bunbuku Jug Guru Core Gadget.PNG
The Hanako In The Toilet Orb Hanako Scary Tales From School.png
Iron Claw Ikarino Staff This Core Gadget doesn't seem to include a crystal. Ikarino Core Gadget.PNG
Ivan Shikakevich Wanaski Snowmobile Ivan Core Gadget.PNG
J Genesis Crystal J Core Gadget.PNG
Sir James Knightman Shield James Core Gadget.PNG
Jin Magatsu Shuriken Holster Jin core gear.png
Kakeru Futaboshi Gem Kakeru Futaboshi Core Gadget.PNG
Shusui Kanahebi Tanto Kanahebi Core Gadget.PNG
Kanata Ozora Ball When the Core Gadget is summon, his outfit changes.

He kicks it whenever he activates Crystal Spikes ability or when he uses his impacts.

He kicks it upwards whenever he draws a card.

Kanata Core Gadget.PNG
Kazane Fujimiya Ball Kazane Fujimiya Core Gadget.PNG
Keisetsu of the Sword Arts Skateboard Keisetsu skating.jpg
Kemura Headband Kemura Core Gadget with Sylph.PNG
Kenta Zakoyama Cube Kenta with his Core Gadget.PNG

Kiri Hyoryu

Snowflake Kiri with his Core Gadget.PNG
Ku Teito Wheel Ku Core Gadget.PNG

Kurooni Konmae

Yellow Fundoshi Kurooni Core Gadget.PNG
Long Daiakuji Yin & Yang Screenshot-www.youtube.com-2017-12-14-16-32-30-938.png

Magoroku Shido (Owner)

Heim (Temporarily)


This was used by Shido for his beginning matches in the first season. When his ties with Disaster was revealed, he replaced it with his Dark Core Gadget.

By Buddyfight 100, he returns to using it once more.

It was used by Heim when he stole it from Shido after betraying Ikazuchi and escaping to Dragon World.

Shido Core Gadget.PNG
Masuka Raid Rose Masuka Raid Core Gadget.PNG
Mukuro Shigamine Top (Destroyed)

Spins while in use.

Mukuro Core Gadget.PNG
Noboru Kodo Lance

Noboru used this as an impromptu throwing weapon to reveal Tasuku as the Purgatory Knight.

Noboru Core Gadget.PNG
Noboru with his New Core Gadget.PNG
Paruko Nanana Microphone Paruko uses this to give the play-by-play on the Buddyfights where she is the commentator, even using it during her own Buddyfights with other people. Paruko Core Gadget.PNG
Raremaro Tefudanokimi Kusudama When using his Buddy Skill, Raremaro holds onto the tassels to float away rather then levitate on his own. Raremaro Tefudanokimi Core Gadget.PNG
Rouga Aragami Spear

Rouga used this whenever he was in public while at Aibo Academy.

After losing to Gao and transferring to Sengoku Academy, he replaced it permanently with his Dark Core Gadget.

Rouga Core Gadget.PNG
Sakate Gauntlet Sakate Core Gadget.PNG
Sayuri Gotsurugi Hair Pin Sayuri Core Gadget.PNG
Shosetsu Kirisame Sword Sheath Shosetsu keeps Durandal within the sheath and only draws it out whenever he equips it. Shosetsu Core Gadget.PNG
Shosetsu New Core Gadget.PNG
Shura Gokumon Skull Pauldron Shura Gokumon Core Gadget.PNG
Sofia Sakharov Jewel Sophia can draw cards from it without needing to physically touch the crystal, instead she seems to draw cards telepathically Sakharov Core Gadget.PNG
Suzuha Amanosuzu Dessert Stand

Suzuha normally has Sebastian at her side during matches to hold her gadget.

While under the control of a Hundred Demons, it is shown to float like most Core Gadgets.

Suzuha Core Gadget.PNG

Tasuku Ryuenji

Star Pulsar (Replaced)

It remained as Tasuku's Core Gadget for much of the 1st Season until he joined Disaster.

While Tasuku was with Disaster, it fell into Kiri's hands after raiding Disaster's base to free the captive Buddy Monsters, which he then gave to Gao.

It was returned to Tasuku's possession after he left Disaster.

In Buddyfight 100, it was damaged after his fight with Ikazuchi, and was replaced with a Neo Deck Case.

Interestingly enough, this is the only Core Gadget to be called by an actual name and the only non-Neo Deck Case to have a red crystal.

Tasuku Core Gadget.PNG
Tasuku Future Core Gadget.PNG
Tenka Gotsurugi Pocket Tenka Core Gadget.PNG
Terumi Kuchinawa Wand It looks nearly identical to the one she previously owned when she was a member of Disaster, save for the gem.
Terumi buddyfighting.jpg
Tetsuya Kurodake Headphones Tetsuya Core Gadget.PNG
Tetsuya New Core Gadget.PNG
Togari Togeyama Shoulder Pad Togari and his Core Gadget.PNG
Unknown Criminal Hammer (Destroyed)  It was destroyed after the criminal was defeated by Tasuku. Unknown Criminal Core Gadget.PNG
Wataru Kageo Top Hat Wataru Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant Sword WBC Japan Cup Participant 1 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant Football WBC Japan Cup Participant 2 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant Belt WBC Japan Cup Participant 3 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant WBC Japan Cup Participant 4 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant WBC Japan Cup Participant 5 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant Gem WBC Japan Cup Participant 6 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant Diamond WBC Japan Cup Participant 7 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant Bracelet WBC Japan Cup Participant 8 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant Bracelet WBC Japan Cup Participant 9 Core Gadget.PNG
WBC Japan Cup Participant Platform WBC Japan Cup Participant 10 Core Gadget.PNG
Wisdom Eyes This core gadget is the only one to not have a crystal when transformed. Instead, it creates cards from the electricity in its eyes whenever Wisdom draws a card. Wisdom Ruler of Chaos.png
Zanya Kisaragi Wakizashi Zanya is shown drawing the blade whenever he activates his Secret Sword Impacts. Zanya Core Gadget.PNG
Zanya New Core Gadget.PNG

Dark Core Deck Case

Dark Core Deck Case

A "Dark Core Deck Case" gives its owner the ability to use Disaster Force. The user can become more malevolent and power-hungry if they can't control the Dark Core's powers. Anyone who comes into contact with a Dark Core becomes negative, sinister and darker under its influence. They can also be used to possess others, as seen with Doai. It has also been shown to occasionally surprise the user and activate Disaster Force without their permission.

All known Dark Cores so far are black colored when inactive and have an eye-like figure over the crystal. When luminizing using Dark Core Deck Case, the luminize is called "Dark Luminize"

According to Kyoya, they are developed by his financial group after Disaster Force was "accidentally discovered". An additional side effect of using Disaster Force is that it fuels a portal to Darkness Dragon World, allowing monsters from it to invade Earth.

A deck case themed after the Dark Core was released.

Owner Gadget Information Image
Bolt Fuchigami Mini Yamigedo "Spirit Form"

This is the only Dark Core Gadget to seemingly not to have been made by Kyoya Gaen.

Considered a Dark Core Deck Case because it can "Dark Luminize" cards.

Ikazuchi Dark Core Gadget.PNG
Davide Yamazaki Pendant It attaches to the side of his choker Davide Yamazaki Dark Core Gadget.PNG
Elf Kabala Compact Kabala has added a feature to his Core Gadget that allows him to use it in a similar fashion to a remote control to manipulate all of the monsters that Disaster had captured so far. Elf Kabala Dark Core Gadget.PNG
Gremlin Pauldron Gremlin's Dark Core Gadget.png
Kiri Hyoryu Snowflake (Destroyed) It was destroyed after Kiri lost to Gao within Disaster's HQ. Kiri Dark Core Gadget.PNG
Kyoya Gaen Wings Kyoya with a Dark Core Gadget.PNG
Magoroku Shido

Star (Replaced)

In Buddyfight 100, Shido has returned to using his standard Core Gadget.

Shido with his Dark Core Gadget.PNG
Rouga Aragami Spear Rouga Dark Core Gadget.PNG
Shosetsu Kirisame Sword Sheath (Destroyed) After Shosetsu lost control of the Disaster Force and went on a rampage, it was quickly destroyed by the efforts of Tasuku. Shosetsu Dark Core Gadget.PNG
Sofia Sakharov


In Buddyfight 100, Sofia use a Normal Core Gadget.

Sofia Dark Core Gadget with Tasuku.PNG

Tasuku Ryuenji (Disguised as the Purgatory Knight)

Purgatory Knight (Copy made by Armordeity, Dynamis)

Armor (Destroyed)

Kyoya Gaen rigged this gadget so that cards Luminized from it cannot affect Darkness Dragon World monsters.

It was destroyed after Tasuku released the Future Force to defend Jack from Sofia's spell.

A sentient copy of the gadget was created by Armordeity, Dynamis to test Tasuku and Jack, to see if they were worthy of utilising Star Dragon World. It is unknown if this copy was also a Dark Core Gadget.

Purgatory Knight.png

Terumi Kuchinawa (Previous Owner)

Wand (Repossessed)

It was taken by Sofia after she erased Terumi's memories.

Terumi Dark Core Gadget.png

Great Fiend, Yamigedo

Ikazuchi Form

Yamigetou Dark Core Gadget.PNG

Neo Deck Case

Neo Core Deck Case

Nothing much is known about them other than the fact that it is quite new and so far only Buddy Police Officers have them.

One characteristic that differentiates them from standard Deck Core Cases is that the crystal is colored red, similar in appearance to when the standard Cases utilises the Future Force.

According to Jack and Tasuku, this model of the Deck Core is implied to be able to withstand Yamigedo's power and not malfunction or be destroyed.

Owner Gadget Information Image
Gao Mikado Sun Belt Gao Neo Core Gadget.PNG
Gao Future Neo Core Gadget.PNG
Tasuku Ryuenji

Neo Star Pulsar

Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord had stolen Tasuku's Neo Deck Case but was eventually recovered. Tasuku Neo Core Gadget.PNG
Tasuku Ryuenji Neo Future Core Gadget.PNG
Bal's Future Buddy Sun Belt Bal Future Buddy Core Gadget.PNG

Omni Lord Emblems

Omni Lord Emblems

Other than having the same uses as other Core Gadgets, these Emblems (in the shape of an orb) are another way to recognise a being as one of the 8 current Omni Lords (Other than the amount of "horns" they may have).

When a current Omni Lord has reached the end of their life or seeks to retire, they may pass it down to another monster, an example being a disciple of theirs, allowing the new wielder to become the Omni Lord related to that Emblem.

It would seem that these orbs have a unique method of activation as despite being granted Tenbu's Emblem, Drum was unable to utilise it at first.

In H Episode 32, Count Dawn noted that the Emblems cannot be wielded by monsters of other worlds besides the world the Emblem's Omni Lord belongs to. This was the reason Mukuro Shigamine can never become its master even if he took possession of one from an Omni Lord.

Owner Gadget (Status) Information Image
First Omni Beast Lord, Ziun Green Orb "Beast" Kanji Ziun Core Gadget.PNG
Second Omni Demon Lord, Asmodai Turquoise Orb "Demon" Kanji Asmodai Omni Lord Emblem.png
Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea Brown Orb

Unlike the other emblems, the orb does not match world's colour (white)

Turns into a snowflake when luminized

"Water" Kanji

Kiri Omni Lord Emblem.PNG
Kiri Omni Core Gadget.PNG
Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova Grey Orb Given to be held by Ricky

"Flame" Kanji

Ban Omni Lord Emblem.PNG
Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu
(Current Owner)

Drum Bunker Dragon
(Previous Owner)

Red Orb

Passed down to Drum before Tenbu was devoured by Yamigedo. Later returned to Tenbu after Yamigedo was defeated. " Dragon" Kanji

Tenbu Core Gadget.PNG
Drum Omni Lord Emblem.PNG
Sixth Omni Storm Lord, Variable Cord Blue Orb "Storm" Kanji Suzaku Core Gadget.PNG
Seventh Omni Earth Lord, Count Dawn Yellow Orb

It can transform into a parasol to protect Dawn from the Sun's rays during the daytime.

"Earth" Kanji

Count Dawn Omni Lord Emblem.PNG
Count Dawn Omni Core Gadget.PNG
Eighth Omni Deity Lord, Grangadez Orange/Saffron Orb

Attached to his Chest

"God" Kanji

Grangadez Omni Lord Emblem.PNG
Ninth Omni Brave Lord, Captain Answer
(Previous Owner)

Ninth Omni Brave Lord, Mukuro
(Current Owner)

Bluish/Purple Orb

Inside his body

"Brave" Kanji

Captain Answer Omni Lord Emblem.PNG
Mukuro Omni Lord Emblem.PNG
Mukuro Omni Core Gadget.PNG