"CoroCoro Comic July 2018 Issue "Garga BOX"" is a deck set that comes along with the CoroCoro Comic July 2018 Issue in the Japanese formats.


  • A constructed deck with 52 cards. (15 new cards + 1 flag)
  • Includes a Rulebook, a Playmat and a Life Counter.
  • Includes further support for Dragon World.

Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
S-SD01/0001 Pugilist Dragon, Gargantua Dragon Monster - 5
S-SD01/0002 Gargantua Dragon, "Assault Mode" Monster Dragon World 4
S-SD01/0003 Gabel Gardragon Monster Dragon World 4
S-SD01/0004 Dolch Gardra Monster Dragon World 3
S-SD01/0005 Fel Gardra Monster Dragon World 3
S-SD01/0006 Degen Gardra Monster Dragon World 4
S-SD01/0007 Gargazelle Monster Dragon World 2
S-SD01/0008 Fighting Factor Spell Dragon World 2
S-SD01/0009 Deity Dragon Tribe's Banquet Spell Dragon World 4
S-SD01/0010 Dragod's Breath Spell Dragon World 2
S-SD01/0011 Green Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World 4
S-SD01/0012 Primeval Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World 4
S-SD01/0013 Deity Dragon Sword, Garsword Item Dragon World 2
S-SD01/0014 Deity Dragon Sword, Garknife Item Dragon World 4
S-SD01/0015 Deity Gargantua Punisher!! "First" Impact Dragon World 4
S-SD01/0016 Dragon World (card) Flag Dragon World 1

Card Breakdown

Monster Spell Item Impact Flag Total
Number of Cards 7 5 2 1 1 16
Number of Copies 25 16 6 4 1 52