Crimson Duo Battler, "Double Crimson Impact!"
紅蓮双闘士 “ダブルクリムゾン・インパクト!”
D-BT01A-EB01-0013EN (Sample)
English Crimson Duo Battler, "Double Crimson Impact!"
Kanji 紅蓮双闘士 “ダブルクリムゾン・インパクト!”
Kana ぐれんそうとうし “ダブルクリムゾン・インパクト!”
Romaji Guren Sōtōshi "Daburukurimuzon Inpakuto!"
Type Impact Monster
Size 3
Power 9000
Critical 3
Defense 6000
World Dragon World
Attribute Armordragon / Red Dragon
Illust かんくろう
Flavor Text
Champions, are the cooperation of dreams.
Ability / Effect
[Call Cost] [Pay 3 gauge & Put a monster with "Crimson" in its card name from your field into your drop zone]
When this card attacks, if you have a card equipped with "Fist" in its card name, deal 2 damage to your opponent!
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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