"Buddyfight Collection" is the 1st D Extra Booster released only in the Japanese format. Cards from this product are included within the English Buddy Rave booster.


  • Contains 63 cards (1 BR/2 Secret/4 RRR/8 RR/18 R/30 U).
  • Includes further support for all current worlds.
  • Each pack includes 6 cards.


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
D-EB01-0001 (Sample).png D-EB01/0001 Godly-speed Bal Dragon Monster Dragon World RRR
D-EB01-0002.png D-EB01/0002 Silhouette Joe, "Illusion Shadow Dragons" Impact Monster Magic World RRR
D-EB01-0003.png D-EB01/0003 Schwarz, "Kugel XIII" Impact Monster Hero World RRR
D-EB01-0004.png D-EB01/0004 Star Dragon of Bonds, Jackknife Monster Star Dragon World RRR
D-EB01-0005.png D-EB01/0005 Thunder Knights Leader, Kommandeur Fahne "Command of the Lightning General!" Impact Monster Dragon World RR
BT02-0002EN.png D-EB01/0006 Center of the World, Mary Sue Monster Magic World RR
D-EB01-0007.png D-EB01/0007 Tsukikage & Byakuya, "Chaotic Nano Art of Body Duplication!" Impact Monster Katana World RR
D-BT01A-EB01-0008EN (Sample).png D-EB01/0008 Duel Sieger, "Sieger Turbulence!" Impact Monster Ancient World RR
D-EB01-0009.png D-EB01/0009 Bladewing, "Immortal Phoenix!" Impact Monster Dungeon World RR
D-BT01A-EB01-0010EN.png D-EB01/0010 Black Panoply, Abygale Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
BT04-0007EN.png D-EB01/0011 Devil Stigma Spell Darkness Dragon World RR
D-EB01-0012.png D-EB01/0012 Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword "Chaos Execution!" Impact Monster Darkness Dragon World RR
D-EB01-0013.png D-EB01/0013 Crimson Duo Battler, "Double Crimson Impact!" Impact Monster Dragon World R
D-BT01A-EB01-0014EN.png D-EB01/0014 Mysterious Sun Dragon, "Hidden Strength" Impact Monster Dragon World R
D-EB01-0015.png D-EB01/0015 GIGA Armorknight Cerberus "A" Impact Monster Danger World R
BT05-0015EN.png D-EB01/0016 Street Racer, Eligos Monster Magic World R
D-EB01-0017.png D-EB01/0017 Hearty, "ABSC: Annihilate Buster Staff Custom" Impact Monster Magic World R
D-EB01-0018.png D-EB01/0018 Electron Ninja, Shiden Monster Katana World R
D-EB01-0019.png D-EB01/0019 Skull Warrior Bones of the Four Birds, “Akuten Haba” Impact Monster Katana World R
D-BT01A-EB01-0020EN.png D-EB01/0020 Dragon Emperor Legend Spell Ancient World R
D-EB01-0021.png D-EB01/0021 Billion Knuckle, "Spirit of the Chief!" Impact Monster Anicent World R
BT03-0018EN.png D-EB01/0022 Dancing Magician, Tetsuya Monster Dungeon World R
D-EB01-0023.png D-EB01/0023 Deukruzar, "Second Manifestation: Demonknight" Impact Monster Dungeon World R
D-EB01-0024.png D-EB01/0024 Rebellious, "Rebellion Rhapsody!" Impact Monster Dungeon World R
D-EB01-0025.png D-EB01/0025 Valkyrie, Skuld the Lamenter of the Future Monster Legend World R
D-EB01-0026.png D-EB01/0026 Fenrir, "Curse of Vanargand" Impact Monster Legend World R
D-EB01-0027.png D-EB01/0027 Sylph, "Fairies' Banquet" Impact Monster Legend World R
D-EB01-0028.png D-EB01/0028 Gratos, "Destruction Blade!" Impact Monster Darkness Dragon World R
D-BT01A-EB01-0029EN (Sample).png D-EB01/0029 Professor Menjo, "Instructions Cosmo Tactic!" Impact Monster Hero World R
D-EB01-0030.png D-EB01/0030 Marshall Fortress, "Megalo Sanction!" Impact Monster Star Dragon World R
D-EB01-0031.png D-EB01/0031 Epicenter Cavalry Dragon, Ground Zero Monster Dragon World U
D-BT01A-EB01-0032EN.png D-EB01/0032 Merabaselard Dragon Monster Dragon World U
D-EB01-0033.png D-EB01/0033 Sun Furnace Jet Type-1 Spell Dragon World U
BT02-0047EN.png D-EB01/0034 White Dragon Shield Spell Dragon World U
D-BT01A-EB01-0035EN (Sample).png D-EB01/0035 Great Raging Dragon, Zargilragne “Crazed Claw Raging Fang” Impact Monster Danger World U
TD02-0011EN.png D-EB01/0036 Battle Aura Circle Spell Danger World U
EB02-0016EN.png D-EB01/0037 Explosive Axe, Ricdeau Demon Slay Item Danger World U
PR-0144EN (Sample).png D-EB01/0038 Demon Musician, Amdukias Monster Magic World U
BT02-0054EN.png D-EB01/0039 Chillax! Spell Magic World U
EB01-0034EN.png D-EB01/0040 Ninja Arts, Half-kill Spell Katana World U
D-BT01A-EB01-0041EN.png D-EB01/0041 Unarmed Brawl Dragon Emperor, Leadbangers Monster Ancient World U
D-EB01-0042.png D-EB01/0042 Ladis the Tyrant, "Golden Dragon Eyes" Impact Monster Ancient World U
D-EB01-0043.png D-EB01/0043 Tactful Knight, Arron Monster Dungeon World U
D-EB01-0044.png D-EB01/0044 Loaned Possession Knight, Jake Monster Dungeon World U
D-EB01-0045.png D-EB01/0045 Magical Eyes Release! Spell Dungeon World U
H-BT01-0031EN.png D-EB01/0046 Stellar Deity, Astraeus Monster Legend World U
D-BT01A-EB01-0047EN.png D-EB01/0047 Red-eyed Succubus Monster Legend World U
SS01-0028.png D-EB01/0048 Loki the Ehrgeiz Monster Legend World U
D-EB01-0049.png D-EB01/0049 Valkyrie, Rota the Caller of Blizzard Monster Legend World U
D-EB01-0050.png D-EB01/0050 Faceless Black Dragon, Laysface Monster Darkness Dragon World U
D-BT01A-EB01-0051EN.png D-EB01/0051 Noble Sacrifice Spell Darkness Dragon World U
D-EB01-0052.png D-EB01/0052 Black Wilderness, Golgoth Monster Darkness Dragon World U
D-EB01-0053.png D-EB01/0053 Great Rifle Deity, Tigarion "Kaizeru Sword Buster!" Impact Monster Hero World U
D-EB01-0054.png D-EB01/0054 Star Dragoner, Heliopause Monster Star Dragon World U
PR-0136EN (Sample).png D-EB01/0055 Jackknife "Overwrite" Monster Star Dragon World U
D-BT01A-EB01-0056EN (Sample).png D-EB01/0056 Dragonarms, Logisticker Monster Star Dragon World U
D-EB01-0057.png D-EB01/0057 Electric Source Spell Star Dragon World U
D-EB01-0058.png D-EB01/0058 Buddy Help Spell Generic U
D-EB01-0059.png D-EB01/0059 Ultimate Buddy! Spell Generic U
H-BT01-0042EN.png D-EB01/0060 Damage Control Spell Generic U
D-EB01-0061 (Sample).png D-EB01/0061 Godly-speed Bal Dragon Monster Dragon World BR
D-BT01A-EB02-★☆EN.png D-EB01-★☆ Dragon World (card) Flag Dragon World Secret
D-BT01A-EB01-☆★EN.png D-EB01-☆★ Darkness Dragon World (card) Flag Darkness Dragon World Secret

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monster Flag Total
Ancient World 1 1 0 0 3 0 5
Danger World 0 1 1 0 2 0 4
Darkness Dragon World 3 2 0 0 2 1 8
Dragon World 4 2 0 0 3 1 10
Dungeon World 3 1 0 0 3 0 7
Generic 0 3 0 0 0 0 3
Hero World 0 0 0 0 3 0 3
Katana World 1 1 0 0 2 0 4
Legend World 5 0 0 0 2 0 7
Magic World 3 1 0 0 2 0 6
Star Dragon World 4 1 0 0 1 0 6

List of Extra Booster Sets
Season 1

EB01: Immortal EntitiesEB02: Great Clash!! Dragon VS Danger

Season 2<br\> H-EB01: Miracle Impack!H-EB02: Shadow VS HeroH-EB03: Lord of Hundred ThundersH-EB04: Buddy Allstars+

Season 3<br\> D-EB01: Buddyfight CollectionD-EB02: Super Hero's Great War ZD-EB03: Heaven & Hell

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