"Super Hero's Great War Z" is the 2nd D Extra Booster released only in the Japanese format. Cards from this product are included within the English Buddy Rave booster.


  • Contains 65 cards (2 BR/2 Secret/4 RRR/8 RR/21 R/30 U).
  • Includes a small number of reprints.
  • Includes exclusively further support for Hero World.
  • Each pack includes 6 cards, two of them definitely being R or greater.


Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
D-EB02/0001 Ultimate Card Burn, "D-Wing" Monster Hero World RRR
D-EB02/0002 Winning Maximum, "Soldier Form" Monster Hero World RRR
D-EB02/0003 Protection Deity of Steel, Caardian Monster Hero World RRR
D-EB02/0004 Masked Vantage, "Lavish Body, Gorgeous Mask!" Impact Monster Hero World RRR
D-EB02/0005 Bandage Warrior, Masked Vantage Monster Hero World RR
D-EB02/0006 Battle Poet, Talking Monster Hero World RR
D-EB02/0007 Caardian, "Mode SPEED" Monster Hero World RR
D-EB02/0008 Uniform Warrior, Formal Frill Monster Hero World RR
D-EB02/0009 Eighth Warrior, Acht Monster Hero World RR
D-EB02/0010 Watch My Back! Spell Hero World RR
D-EB02/0011 Gaidenoh, "Steel Beast Explosive Battle Cry!" Impact Monster Hero World RR
D-EB02/0012 Reverse Skull, "Guilty Wave" Impact Monster Hero World RR
D-EB02/0013 Silver Beak, "Soldier Form" Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0014 Battle Poet, Thinking Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0015 Uniform Warrior, Blazer Frill Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0016 General Command, Tausend of Thousand Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0017 Inverted Cranium, Reverse Skull Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0018 Gravity Battle-armor, G-Force Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0019 Ironing Man Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0020 Ride-Changer Officer, Winning Maximum Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0021 Uniform Warrior, Racer Frill Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0022 Familiar, Plitz Monster Hero World R
D-EB02/0023 Energy Absorption Machinery Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0024 I am a Rose Who Cuts Down Evil Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0025 Hyper Energy Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0026 Call, Super Machine! Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0027 You're a Superhero From Now On Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0028 Lend Me Your Strength! Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0029 I'll Be Troubled If You Forget! Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0030 Resupply Complete! Battle Poets, Launch! Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0031 Activate Barrier! Spell Hero World R
D-EB02/0032 Transform Belt, Card Winder Item Hero World R
D-EB02/0033 Shout Out Battle Poets! Lyric Over! Impact Hero World R
D-EB02/0034 Spyker, "Soldier Form" Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0035 Battle Poet, Speaking Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0036 Card Wyvern Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0037 Caardian, "Mode ARMOR" Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0038 Cyber Police, Side Watcher Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0039 Uniform Warrior, Millitary Frill Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0040 Rescue Dragon, Projet Gunner Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0041 Sixth Warrior, Sechs Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0042 Uniform Warrior, Sailor Frill Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0043 Ride-Changer, Silver Beak Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0044 Ride-Changer, Spiker Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0045 Constructor, Buildian Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0046 Cyber Police, Hold Hunter Monster Hero World U
D-EB02/0047 Military Launcher Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0048 I Cannot Afford to Lose! Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0049 This is My Fight! Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0050 That's a Shallow Shot Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0051 Beaaaaaaaaaam!! Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0052 Ride-Change! Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0053 I've Seen Through Your Moves! Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0054 Tears Don`t Suit a Maiden Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0055 Sailor Barrier Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0056 I Won't Let You! Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0057 Defeat Them, in My Place... Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0058 New Plasma-mine Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0059 Attack Power Amplification Device Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0060 Prepped and OK to Launch! Spell Hero World U
D-EB02/0061 Blazer Blaezer! Impact Hero World U
D-EB02/0062 Caardian OVER HEAT! Impact Hero World U
D-EB02/0063 All Members Dispatched?! Quartet Five Impact Hero World U
D-EB02/0064 Ultimate Card Burn, "D-Wing" Monster Hero World BR
D-EB02/0065 Winning Maximum, "Soldier Form" Monster Hero World BR
D-EB02/★☆ Dragon World (card) Flag Dragon World SECRET
D-EB02/☆★ Star Dragon World (card) Flag Star Dragon World SECRET

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monster Flag Total
Hero 31 (+2) 24 1 4 3 2 65 (+2)

List of Extra Booster Sets
Season 1

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Season 2
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Season 3
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