Gargantua Punisher!!, one of the most notable cards that deal damage.

Taking damage

Gao taking damage in the anime.

"Damage" (ダメージ Damēji) is the primary way to reduce the player's life. It is dealt either by an attack, or by an effect that explicitly says "take/deal damage".


  • The damage can be categorized as "dealt by an attack" or "dealt by an effect". This difference is necessary to activate certain cards or effects.
  • If the damage that would be dealt is 0 by any reason or method, it is no longer considered as "being dealt damage".
  • Paying a certain amount of life is not considered as "being dealt damage", so cards like Dragon Arms, Dragokeeper cannot reduce it.
  • Cards saying "lose X life" is not to be considered as "being dealt damage", as well as cards that say "life becomes X".
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