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My bad, I keep meaning to do that, I guess he can have it, if he makes it.

This article is about the character. For the card, see Death Ruler, Gallows

"Death Ruler, Gallows" is the real buddy monster of Magoroku Shido. He is voiced by William Scott in the English Dub.


Gallows true form is of a large serpentine skeleton with massive silver talons arming his left hand, a tattered red flowing scarf adorns his neck and thick heavy black horns spread out on either side of his head. Unlike his upper jaw Gallows lower jaw is split into ant like tooth lined mandibles on either side of his face. He attacks with his Shadow Drive ability which allows him to bypass center monsters and attack their fighters directly with long thorn covered vines that come from his back that bind and constrict his victims.

As Gate Guider, Gallows "Gestus", he appear more muscular and has more spike in his shoulder and in his back, his arm has a edge on it


Gallows enjoys mocking humans and getting smart with them, as shown in Episode 40 when he showed up in his chibi form instead of his scarier form when Shido told him to make an impression to reveal himself to Genma, Kemura, and Sylph.

Despite being Magoroku's buddy, he has little to no respect for him. He constantly mocks Magoroku whenever he fails or is humilliated, and when Magoroku was in a life threatening situation and needed Gallow's buddy skill, he simply said he'd give it to him "if he makes it", which he apparently didn't even do after Magoroku narrowly survived.

Anime Biography

Gallows made an appearance in episode 40 laughing and showed up in his mini form. At first Slyph was not impressed but Shido demanded him to change back. It then revealed its true form in front of Genma and Kemura.

In episode 43, he laughed at how Shido can get frightened easily when Gao and Tasuku attacks the base of Disaster.

When Shido falls off a the Buddy Police building after losing to "Captain Answer" he revealed that Gallows hadn't given him a Buddy skill yet, and Gallows mockingly says he will if Shido survives.

In Season 2, Gallows combines with Shido (and on two occasions Sofia) to form Death Shido whenever Shido has to fight using a Hundred Demon in order to hide his identity from the Buddy Police.