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Deity Gargantua Punisher!!
English Deity Gargantua Punisher!!
Kanji 神・ガルガンチュア・パニッシャー!!
Kana シン・ガルガンチュア・パニッシャー!!
Romaji Shin Garuganchua Panisshā!!
Type Impact
World Magic World
Attribute Dragod / Deity Dragon Tribe
Illust Nk+
Flavor Text
Shine, and punch through! Blade of Sorcery!
Ability / Effect
You may only cast this card if you cast a spell during this turn, your opponent's life is 5 or less, and you have a 《Dragodmonster on your field.
[Cast Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]
Deal 5 damage to your opponent!! This card cannot be nullified, and its damage cannot be reduced.
Legal Status
EN Unlimited
JP Unlimited
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