Deity of Buddyfight Realm (Self-Proclaimed), Goddo★Funayama
バディファイト界の神 (自称) ゴッド★フナヤマ
English: Deity of Buddyfight Realm (Self-Proclaimed), Goddo★Funayama
Kanji: バディファイト界の神 (自称) ゴッド★フナヤマ
Kana: バディファイトかいのかみ (じしょう) ゴッド★フナヤマ
Phonetic: Badifaito-kai no Kami (Jishō) Goddo★Funayama
Type: Monster
Size: 2
Power: 5000
Critical: 2
Defense: 5000
World: Legend World
Attribute: Deity
Illust: なかざき冬
Flavor Text
Whassup!!!! It`s Goddo★Funayama!!
Ability / Effect
"Wha-wha-Whassup" When this card enters the field, both players may say "Wha-Wha-Whassup". The player who said it gains 1 life, and discards a card from his or her hand. The player who did not said it puts the top card of his or her deck into his or her gauge!
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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