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A card being destroyed in the anime

"Destroy" (かい Hakai) is an action that removes a card from the field and put it into the drop zone.


  • Card effects that explicitly use the phrase "destroy" such as Dragon Crush.
  • An attack; if the total power of the attacking card(s) is greater than or equal to the attacked monster's defense, the attacked monster is "being destroyed by an attack."

Destroyed cards not leaving the field

  • Some effects can allow a card to "remain on the field" if it would be destroyed. Examples of this are the keyword Soulguard and cards such as Wrath Trigger.
    • In these cases, despite the card not leaving the field, it still counts as "being destroyed", and effects that activate "when a card is destroyed" like Penetrate are applied.
    • Some cards like Dragon Scale state that they "nullify" a card's destruction. In this case, that card would not count as "being destroyed."

Putting cards from the field to the drop zone without destroying

  • A card effect state "put into drop zone" or "drop".
  • If a call, cast or equip of a card is nullified.

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