Magma Horus and Blizzard Horus

Flame Deity, Magma Horus & Ice Deity, Blizzard Horus

"Double Buddy" (ダブルバディ Daburu Badi) is a keyword that allows a card possessing it to be placed into the buddy zone along with another card specified by the keyword.

If there are multiple cards in the buddy zone, you can buddy call each of them if they meet the condition of the buddy call.

Latest Reminder Text

(Put this card together with "CARDNAME" on your buddy zone)

List of Cards with Double Buddy

Legend World


Size 1


  • This is the second keyword to permit two cards in your buddy zone after Evil Deity, though Evil Deity treats the two cards as one monster as opposed to this keyword which separates them.
  • This is the first keyword to be enclosed in a bright silver box, as well as not to use a flat color.

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