Dragon Knight, El Quixote
竜騎士 エル・キホーテ
English: Dragon Knight, El Quixote
Kanji: 竜騎士 エル・キホーテ
Kana: りゅうきし エル・キホーテ
Phonetic: Ryūkishi Eru Kihōte
Type: Monster
Size: 1
Power: 2000
Critical: 2
Defense: 2000
World: Dragon World
Attribute: Dragon Knight
Illust: Quily
Flavor Text
(RR): You do not simply become. It simply depends on if you are prepared for what is to come.
(SP): El Quixote? The old guy who never does anything, right?
Ability / Effect
"Glorious Charge" When this card deals damage to your opponent, put the top card of your deck into the gauge.
Legal Status
EN: Unlimited
JP: Unlimited
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